Crooked Frequencies.

There’s an ongoing conversation.

Our inner infinity tries to cross the threshold of our bodies,

To converse, and perhaps, become one with the outer infinite — our universe.

Spirits unseen continue to commune past our sense of perception

All of this — and more — continue to happen. Even as we speak.

And yet, despite that timely revelation,

The world still has people arrogant enough to think I’ll lose sleep over them.

Even as my inner frequencies keep me infinitely occupied.

Think of it this way:

For you, or anyone else to be that important

Would require being infinitely interesting

And that, dear dove, is a masochistically large role to fill.

– O.D. ©2021

Art by: Kuvshinov-Ilya

3 Replies to “Crooked Frequencies.”

  1. There is SO MUCH going on. So much more than most consider. Being pulled this way and that by the shallow and unimportant things rather than slowing down, peering inward, stretching beyond comfort, relaxing into the untouchable, thinning the separation of the inner-outer veil. We are more than a mere body. Thank you for sharing this with us.

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