A Series Of Unpopular Opinions (3)

A series of unpopular opinions. Share a thought, no matter how crazy or critique the ones other people choose to share. The point is to have fun provided we all keep an open mind and respect each others views. Healthy debates are welcome, extended discussions even more so.


I shared three unpopular opinions in the last post. Thank you to those that responded. I have also added responses made in the first post of this series. Be sure to check all of their blogs (links attached to their names):

(1) Unpopular opinion #1 – We are not happy. We are distracted. The human experience without distractions is fundamentally depressing and full of existential dread unless we tune in to our favorite TV shows or buy a new set of clothes to keep our thoughts occupied.


sjk44  “I agree with opinion #1. It so my life. Just keeping busy to stop yourself falling apart”



(2) Unpopular opinion #1 When you say “I love you” to your partner you shouldn’t expect them to say it back; especially if it’s the first time. People can be entitled to many things, but someone else’s love is not one of them. 


Raw Earth Ink “Okay, so yeah… number one. Totally agree. I don’t like manipulation. This can be a form of it. I should be able to say “I love you” in truthfulness and as my spirit moves me, not as a knee-jerk response. (I compare it to when someone says “hi how are you” and the immediate response is “fine thank you”…. how about some honesty. Do you care about how that person actually is? Are you really fine?)”

Paula Light “Only say ILY if you mean it. I’ve made the mistake of saying it when I didn’t mean it, and predictable results followed 🙁


(2) Unpopular opinion #2 Mushrooms are disgusting. I’ve never found the appeal.


Raw Earth InkMushrooms. Not a huge fan either. I am okay with them sparsely used and only like the little brown ones”

Paula LightI love mushrooms!” 😂


(2) Unpopular opinion #3 It’s stupid how men are somewhat still expected to make the first move. What is this — the 50s?


Raw Earth Ink “I guess it depends on the definition of “first move”. I think anyone can express their feelings first”

Paula Light I’ve made the first move many times and it didn’t work out well. I think men my age may SAY they like it, but they don’t really. Too much cultural brainwashing…”

Thanks to Raw Earth Ink , Paula Light and sjk44 for participating and sharing their thoughts. Much love ❤



As for today’s unpopular opinion(s). I decided to scour the internet (and by ‘internet’ I mean reddit lol) for ones I could find; there are only so many unpopular opinions I can personally dish out before I start reaching. Here are some I found

(Note: These opinions are in no way reflective of my personal views or biases; just ones I think will spark interesting dialogue in the comment section):

Unpopular opinion #1 Boobs are overrated”  by u/Shadowthelogical

Unpopular opinion #2 You should be fired if you talk about church at work”  by [deleted]

Unpopular opinion #3 British accents sound stupid”  by [deleted]

Unpopular opinion #4 You are not racist if you hate illegal immigrants” by u/Cole-Rex

Unpopular opinion #5 You can’t be a real adult until you leave your parents house” by [deleted]

Most of the accounts with the most controversial opinions were [deleted] by the users and I’m assuming it’s because their chats were getting spammed with hate or something. Lol some of those “unpopular opinions” though, damn 😂

What are your thoughts and opinions? Let me know in the comments. I’ll be sure to link your contribution to your blog for all the credit.

See you in the comments(?)

– O.D. ©2020

Art by: snatti89

Do you miss my poetry? Don’t you worry, It’s coming back soon. In the meantime you can check out my recent spoken word poem Thoughts Like A Theme Park (Part 3) in case you missed it.

28 Replies to “A Series Of Unpopular Opinions (3)”

  1. I have a sort of unpopular opinion depending if you are spiritual or not.
    I always hated the concept that we as humans came here with some purpose but just forgot. That is like a man running into a burning house to save a person, but as soon as he enters he forgets why he entered. then the door is shut and locked. so he and the person are stuck in the burning house and both are confused and suffering.

    1. That’s incredibly deep Ramone. I’ll be honest I never thought of it that way.

      Since you said you hate the concept, am I correct in assuming you believe there was never a purpose for humans to begin with?

      1. I have studied religion, philosophy, spirituality, etc and personally I can’t seem to find anything that sits well with me. So, yeah I don’t think we as humans have a purpose other than to just exist.

      2. I’m inclined to agree since I’m a bit of a nihilist at times. I sometimes think the absurdist theory is onto something, like humans have no purpose but they make timeless bids to seek it either through religion or inclusion in subcultures e.t.c.

        It’s scarier for most people to believe in nothing because that equivalent to accepting that nothing matters; and if nothing matters then they are not as special as they thought they were. You can grow up being groomed to believe if you do the right thing you will get a reward of some sort but, the universe does not exactly work that way. Sometimes the worst of the worst (relative to me) end up having a more fulfilling life than those who do good. At the end of the day I believe in finding our own meaning irrespective of what other people believe; there is no absolute method. There are far too many predispositions to satisfy all of humanity. But I also believe in being the best we can be, not to be “saved” but for our own fulfillment.

        Sorry if it’s rambly, typing on the go.

      3. I agree. I lean towards nihilism at times too. its hard for me to say there is completely no meaning to life, but some grand moral purpose doesn’t seem likely. Sometimes I even believe in something called ‘simulation theory.’ The idea is that we are in some simulation and our very existence is just the outcome of programing. therefore, there is purpose just outside our comprehension.

      4. I’m familiar with the basics of simulation theory but now that you brought it up; its super crazy cause there was a point it was all I could think of. It’s a very viable theory when time is involved because the chances of someone else doing the same thing I’ve done in the exact same way are extremely viable with the inclusion of time.

        Yes, the odds are slim. But they are slim based on our short lifespans. If we could live forever the chances of seeing someone live exactly the same way you did despite a difference in technology/location would be astronomically possible.

        People often use games as an example for this. And its insane how likely this theory is to being true.

    2. Interesting example.

      Dare I put my 2 pence worth here. In my humble thinking. In spirituality we have forgotten the qualities of I the soul. The energy, the spirit, the being in human being. The qualities and virtues and values are: Love, peace, purity, wisdom and joy. More often than not we operate from body consciousness, that is ego, anger, lust, greed, attachment.

      We are inherently good. So sure we won’t forget why we ran into a burning house to save another.

      We have forgotten to be our highest self in little and big things. Do I need 20 pairs of shoes, do I need 20 notes books. Etc. Do I need to push in, confront of a person because I think I am a better driver. Do I see the Soul, the point of light, or do I see the body a different colour than mine.

      But I get your point. When go to save a person, we ain’t forgotten.

      At the same time if we look at humanity and the atrocities done by one human to another , then we have truly forgotten.

      1. Good argument.
        However, I don’t believe humans are inherently good or evil. This is because I believe that good people are good all the time. In the same way, evil people are always evil and can’t do otherwise.
        Now, this is when the theory of choice, free will, comes into account. According to many, free will is what separates a man’s good deeds from his bad deeds. However, how does something good comprehend how to be bad? In that sense, there is no forgetting how to be good or choosing to be bad because it would be incomprehensible.
        Using that logic, humans are neither good nor evil because we show traits of both good and evil. We can do atrocities or charitable actions. We must be something else, something grander or lesser than the perfection of goodness (hope, joy, peace) or evilness (greed and anger).
        In my opinion, humans have evilness inside them and we have goodness, but that is just a consequence of existence.
        Hope that makes sense.

    3. Hey Ramone, would you be okay with me sharing your contribution as an unpopular opinion in the next post? More specifically, this one:

      “I always hated the concept that we as humans came here with some purpose but just forgot. That is like a man running into a burning house to save a person, but as soon as he enters he forgets why he entered. then the door is shut and locked. so he and the person are stuck in the burning house and both are confused and suffering”

      I would love to hear other people’s thoughts on it. It’s totally up to you 🙂

  2. There so many unpopular thoughts. Your new set in this post. Gosh, really people say this really. When they are sober, trying to impress people with the with and cleverness.

    Honestly these made me laugh, and cringe seriously can anyone think like this. But it seems we can.

    I actually don’t know what say. 🤔🤐🤫🤒

    Maybe let’s pick 3. British accents. Well I am British and my accent is all over the place. Some like some dont. But in the UK , you have the Scottish, Welsh, Irish, and British In Scotland you have a strong Scottish accent and a soft one. I love accents they can be so much fun and enjoyable to listen too. Sometimes hard to understand if english is a secondary language, but I do love others accents from all over the world.

    Coming back to my accent , it can be British with a mix of American. And if I spend too much time with someone with another accent I some how speak like that too. But hey ho that is me.. 🙃😉

    1. Lol! yeah, this batch is very unpopular, but it’s true to the series right? Though I think some people only share as a form of trolling and not actually trying to bring a well thought out opinion.

      I think not liking accents straddles racism; some would go as far as calling it that (I know I would) I personally love British accents, particularly from the ladies lol.

      All accents are naturally beautiful lol but I guess some people disagree.

      1. My understanding of it is why would someone go out of their way to not like British accents. Surely there are better things to hate. Sometimes the hate stems from association.

        Dislike the British and it might just be likely its a result of just not liking the British lol who knows really …

  3. opinion #1 – I guess it depends from the point of view… if you are one who loves a woman’s curves, then they are beautiful, if you are one who they always seem to get in the way, they are overrated, if you are a nursing child, they are sustenance and comfort.

    opinion #2 – I don’t think a person should be censored from reasonable discussion, work or otherwise, however, if that discussion is slowing your production, then I do think there’s a time and a place. Doesn’t matter the content (ie: sports, politics, family, food, religion, ANYTHING). After all, you are being paid to actually work, not engage in conversation.

    opinion #3 – this one is ridiculous. “Stupid” is talking about intelligence, an accent is enunciation. They aren’t related.

    opinion #4 – I’m unclear why anyone would hate immigrants (illegal or legal). I can understand disapproving of the ACT of illegal immigration, but to hate the person? That seems extreme. They are people. People who aren’t follow the laws and rules, but still people. As for the racism part, I don’t think it’s generally racism that people have issue with, again, it’s the part about not following the laws of immigration into the country that others (myself included) take issue with. I believe that mainstream media and the corrupt politicians try to make it racial in order to conquer and divide the people.

    opinion #5 – this is a very western world thinking. There are many people groups who continue living in communes or extended households quite happily and successfully. It makes sense to live communally. You share the work, you share the expense, etc. I think the fifties “American Dream” built upon the corruption of the banking system is the real error here. The dream was built to say you aren’t successful unless you have your own house, your own career, your wife and kids and dog. Why? Because banks need a commodity to lend money. Lending money is how they make money. So the commodity is a home. The home is built for 20k but by the end of its life has traded hands so many times over, the bank has made 800k on it. So, this “dream” is pushed off on the people, packaged and sold quite successfully, actually, so that it becomes muddled to where people now assume that if you remain living in your parents or grandparents home, you are worth less (because you ARE “worth less” monetarily to the bank) and therefore you must not be a real adult. See the problem? It’s not true. The basis of the statement is in error. Now, should a person stay living with their family and not contribute? No. Should they be lazy and use others to live? No. Should the parents treat them like a child, making children’s rules for them? No. Done right, they live in harmony, with equal amounts of give and take amongst all members of the family, according to age, ability, and (somewhat) desire.

    1. I love your explanation about banks and making money off of forcing people to be independent. Never thought about it like that.

      1. I’m happy it got you thinking a bit! That’s why I’m really liking OD’s idea here. It’s good to talk like adults about subjects a lot of people aren’t willing to talk about without being rude lol.

    2. Damn Tara, that’s some pure wokeness right there. Lol I don’t like that word but I honestly could not think of another way to describe it currently. You’re amazing, Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I love it!

  4. Opinion #4 Hating illegal immigrants does make you a racist. Hate is a pretty strong and damning emotion. While some of the may be economic refugees looking for a better job or better life. Many are people who have been persecuted or have frayed at the edges living in an intolerable war zone. I find the plight of refugees and migrants a very sad one. They risk their lives trying to get out of their countries. I live in a rich country and there is room for more people and these immigrants should be put through the process of examining why the entered illegally and if they can find a life in my country and could they get work, learn the language etc. That is what I would like to see.

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