The relentlessness of the spirit that beckons me to write

Often pushes me in all manner of directions; with a likeness

Similar to that of a wisp blown into the air by a cool breeze.

Telltale signs indicative of how my insatiable talent

Rarely allows me a chance to breathe.


– O.D. ©2019


Art by: JoeyJazz


Hello everyone 🙂


I have been away from my blog for the longest time. There were a few changes at work I had to adapt to, and that meant directing all my attention there. I am hoping to go back to my usual routine of one or more posts/poems each week. 

I hope everyone has been okay. There is a lot that has happened and I look forward to updating you with each post 🙂

6 Replies to “*Gasp*”

  1. Welcome back! I’m still here despite a bit of a health bobble about a month ago. However , got through that and celebrated m 70th Birthday. I look forward to reading your poems and posts once more.

    1. Happy belated birthday Anne. I read your earlier posts and Im happy everything turned out well💚

      This is one of the reasons I dont like being away from my blog for too long. I miss out on major developments involving many of my friends in the blogging community.

  2. I felt I was looking at a scene replaying in mind where I was crouched in a corner and scribbling to complete my poem. The writing spree always carves out the best from us poets. Great post! 🌸

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