The pain she left

Like a care package

Felt like, one of those

Internal bleeding

Deep laceration types;

Sucking at my life force,

An echo, reverberating

Bouncing on the insides

Past rib cage bars,

Acting as a reminder

Of the type of pain

You’ll experience

If you make a habit

Of embracing

Stupid decisions.


– Original-Dante ©2016


Photograph by: ucilito

17 Replies to “Echo.”

      1. ha, you must write like me, just open up the noggin and let the words spill out, then in hindsight, see things you may have not intended….channeled poetry 🙂 bliss indeed. But the wisdom is there, and good too 🙂

      2. And when it comes right down to it…its looking back in hindsight that can be the real reward in writing poetry; sometimes you learn something new and sometimes you surprise yourself (in a good way)…lol people don’t know what they’re missing out on with this art form 🙂

  1. A habit that I’ve made one too many times. When you finally grow old of the feeling – every wrong action just STOPS. Like your heart had brakes the whole time.

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