The Change Trigger.


A story that replays in my head

Fading in and out of focus

A result of misguided efforts

To forget and create

Excuses for my mistakes.

Where do I even start?

I chose her

All in an attempt

To bring pain to another,

… False love to start with

And I expected a good ending?

What a fool… an idiot even,

Making stupid decisions

To block out the pain.

Then what happened again?

Oh… yeah… how could I forget…

I then I chose to “like” her

To block out the pain

Of being cheated on

By the aforementioned chosen one.

Smart move buddy

Because what you weaved was

In the simplest form

A twisted web of bad decisions,

Becoming prey,

In a trap of your own making.

It doesn’t necessarily end there

No, I dug a deeper grave

As the nail in the coffin

Rose in the form of another “damsel”

The only one who needed saving

Was me, from that black widow

An assassin of the heart

But I didn’t know

Careless, all In the hopes validating

How special I was

Another arc ending in heart break

…My own fault really.

The benefit of hindsight tells me

That if you try to inflict pain on others

It comes back two-fold;

Attacking myself means

I’m no longer a slave to the guilt

That bore a ton on my heart

Indeed, that’s old me’s news

Telling you this means i’m free

Telling you this means,

I’ve punished myself enough.

– Original-Dante ©2016

Photograph by: alvarola

4 Replies to “The Change Trigger.”

  1. Wow – I love it! I love the decision to end the self-affliction even more. We punish ourselves far too long for mistakes of the heart. Although its no excuse, it is forgivable. Nice

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