Time Is A Villain.

Neither ally nor friend. A lack of policies, ruling with an iron-fist, a crown fit for one king; tyranny that revokes negotiation. Seamless movement during good or bad times, wish to go back and undo something? Good-luck with that. The pace is determined by the Autocrat; rules meant to be followed, not changed. Moving faster when joy is to be had, decelerate when agony is abound. Does it care how you feel? Wait for it to answer that.

Boasting by the minute, a pendulum moving left and right, reminding you of the pace. Another day gone, the sun dawns, not for long, dusk sets in; subtle reminders of who’s in charge. Each fleeting moment, getting us closer to that moment we all ‘love’ so much; when we get acquainted with the tombstone that has a perfectly written epitaph.



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