Infinity Dreams Award.



I would like to thank naughty innocence for nominating me for this award. If you want to check out her post pertaining to the nomination you can check it out here .

Here are the rules:

1)Tell us 11 facts about yourself.
2)Answer the questions that were set for you to answer
3)Nominate 5-10 bloggers and set questions for them.

Here’s 11 facts about myself

1) Apart from the fact that I like games (RPGs mostly) I can spend hours upon hours on a single one, for example, Fallout 4; right after its release day, I went AWOL.

2)My favorite underground rap duos include Black Star, The R.O.O.T.S and Actual Proof.

3)Most of the time when i’m writing, i’m either listening to music or I have a beat in my head.

4)I love cats and dogs, for different reasons though. Cats are calm and collected, only exhibiting interest in you when they’re hungry (mostly) haha I find that fascinating. Dogs on the other hand, are just awesome, nothing beats that connection you can have with a pet dog, most loyal friend ever.

5)I’m always on the move between Zimbabwe, South Africa and Russia.

6)I only have three close friends.

7)Wanna bribe me? Jelly babies are the ticket.

8)All-time favorite sitcom, How I Met Your Mother; expertly executed humor and viewer immersion. Plus, most of the jokes land, not to mention the amazing love story.

9)I’m a good listener; or so i’m told. hehe I’d like to believe I am.

10)I’ve never liked people who try to pull me down or tell me I can’t do something because of A or B.

11)I’m probably mean for all the truth bombs I drop, but honestly, I expect people to bomb me with the truth too.


11 Questions asked

Which place do you reside in ?

I reside in Moscow, Russia, but I was born in Gweru, Zimbabwe. I’m proud to be from there; contrary to the media’s portrayal, we don’t fight wild animals on a daily.


Any specific things you enjoy about the place?

Moscow: the fact that its predominantly snowy, not a fan of summer.


What is your astrological sign?



What is your one strength and one weakness?

My perception of reality is governed by me and not others ….I hate spiders.


What are your biggest fears of life?

Realizing that everything I believe in is a construct to maintain order and pacify.


Your Inspiration to start the journey of writing?

The love of writing stories, I just wanted to introduce my style of writing to everyone I knew.


Activities that keep you busy when at leisure?

Reading novels, playing games and listening to music. Never became a fan of movies especially after the interactive experience of games.

Ever notice in those horror flicks when a character makes a dumb decision and you feel like you could have made a better choice? Yep, games allow you to do that.


What is your dream job?

Script Writer.


Do you prefer doing things day or night?

At night, i’m more focused then, weirdly enough.


Do you have a pet?

Nope, but I plan to get one once i’m settled in one place.


One dream you wish were true?

Hard to say, but I wish my family stayed in one place.


Here are my nominees:


Ramblings Of Nekaaar

Irresistibly Fish

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Benjamin Solak

The Chaser Of Dreams


Here are the questions the nominees have to answer:

(6 questions)

1) What do you prefer, blue or black ink?

2) Whats your most embarrassing moment?

3) Favorite childhood cartoon? why?

4) What inspires you in life or in writing?

5) In a game of X’s and O’s what do you like using?

6) Describe your character in one word.


Later people! 😀 and enjoy yourselves.



Paced Affection.




Space …

… Back-space





I Like You.




V formation.




Being a simple process,

Hardly breaking a sweat

To reach the next milestone,

Unlimited assists


From veritable support pillars,

No sugar basin

Tastes that much sweeter

Than a combined victory.



Soothing Articulation.

Her voice echoed in my ears,

For what seemed like forever

A passing stranger, uttering a single

Yet subtle word,


As we bumped

On a crowded sidewalk.



Yet I was the one not looking

Where I was going?

In awe

Of such selflessness.


Her face, I did not see

But her voice,

Ah….her voice

Such divine articulation,

Pushing my imagination to its limits

Hurriedly placing possible facial features

To go with such a soothing voice.


Its possible, that I was off the mark,

That I gave her a face

Far beyond its actuality,

But what if  …


What if  it was  the face I pictured

To the very last detail,

What if  It surpassed

My imagination

By a mile,

What if  …

I just let the one,

Walk away …







From a pile of ashes

Rise out anew


Dodging and leaving

The ashy cloud,

As if you’re the very air


The fragmented particles themselves.



Mother Nature’s Sentiment.


Through the rustling trees

Comes nature’s whisper

Of a greater tomorrow.


Hit The Mark.

You only get one shot at life

A single round in the chamber

There are two options:

Either fire blanks and waste it

Or take 20 paces and draw.



Revolutions Per Minute.

Living in the moment, tomorrow is never certain

With life’s constants and variables

And its number one buddy


Unmanaged, versatile and formless

Like water,

Supplying a diverse set of wavelengths

Conjuring the unpredictable.


In a sea of dreams

Nothing is ever certain,

What you hope to see

And what will be,

Can, and will probably,

Be two different things.




Meeting a new world constituent

Still brings the same giddy feeling

A feeling invisible to the naked eye.

And then another familiarity arises

Skepticism, from supposition one,

A natural constant

That can-not be undone.


With my sharp memory as a wing-man

I chisel decisions with intelligence

Gathered from past experiences

Sculpting my next move.

“Do I trust this person?”

I ask, pressuring myself

As if the answer

To that recurring question

Is necessitated to oxygen levels.


Looking at the person, I slowly dissect

What I can

Coming and going in their presence

So much so,

Like the Doppler Effect.

Trying my best

Not to place them, on that vacant pedestal

Fighting that ever-surfacing naivety

Dining with Reality,

Instead of my far-fetched fantasies.



The Vanguard Division

Shining like a well-lit brazier
Flames waving in the dark
Hard to imagine something crazier
Than a lighthouse with feet
Stationed in a sea of doubts
One of the many beacons
Fighting to keep the heat.

Ambitious enough
To be God’s archer
Shooting at the stars
No terrain too rough
No challenge deemed hard
When the almighty
Is on your side.


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