A Small Reminder.


I could be the last of my kind

Left on the front-lines,

Fighting against the relentless darkness

With what I love as a weapon;

But never in a million years

Would I dream of switching sides.

At war with inner demons

Slaying them left and right,

A gold fish using the ocean as its backyard

I guess the memo never got around;

My endorsement from God

Allows me to elicit power beyond understanding,

As I flick hordes back to the abyss

With nothing but my fingertips.

I draw a tether between planets 

Acting as a link and conduit

Fueling the brightest of stars,

Re-arranging asterisms

Outlining Orion’s belt

To look like a glossy hour glass,

My fifth dimensional design

Star-dust seeping through,

Just a small reminder 

To help the enemy remember,

That time is running out.

– Original-Dante ©2016

Art by: RedXen


Whispers to the Moon.


At dusk,

Sitting by the balcony

A glass of water here

A comfy chair there

To admire the stars alone?

If only.


Under the night sky

The moon

In all its splendor

Well rounded,


Keeper of secrets,

My secrets.


Reflecting light,

Telltale signs

Of a possible tomorrow

And a light,

That exists elsewhere.


When the sky reveals a dark veil

My friend appears

A good listener,

But not much of  a speaker.





I want you to look at the moonlit sky, imagine a space-ship passing-by, you’re in the space ship; see the stars? that’s only the beginning, the starting line is past the constellations. Venture past what we call galaxies, discover the unknown,  go where we don’t know, that is the destination. The need to be different, looking to leave a mark in history, changing a single mind is more than a victory. Ink mixed with propane, each letter, each word, is fuel, capable of sparking flames of creativity within yourself, and others. Deep within your mind is an idea, there’s always one, all you need to do is find it.

A willingness to learn, perfecting the craft, there is a genius that resides within everyone, the first step is the hardest part. Be inspired by the thought of being inspired, everyone you believe to be better is your equal. Aim beyond the milky way, cross-hairs aligned with an entirely different solar system; Become one with the stars, create your own mark in the sky, but no matter what, remember where you came from.