The Confidence Department.


Saying she lacks

In the confidence


Is an injustice

That cannot be passed,

From what I’ve noticed

It is always

Fully staffed.

– Original-Dante

A Trip To Pandora.



Embracing her thoughts

Is like taking a peek

Inside Pandora’s box,

A flood of chills

Hard to swallow pills

And unnecessary evils.

– Original-Dante

Next To Each Other.

Nothings Shocking


They played

Connect the dots

On a canvas

Of star dust.

Bringing the night

To life,

Ridding ruminations

Through constellations.

– Original-Dante


His glance

Makes her heart

Beat change


Her glance

Makes him taste

A slice of heaven.


– Original-Dante


Putting so much effort

Into his kiss

Believing It’d be

A hit or miss.


– Original-Dante

The Other Way Around.

I see the truth,

Through your lies.


– Original-Dante


I could see through

Her devilish traits

So I did, what I thought

Was best, and side-stepped

Her horns, with a red cape.


– Original-Dante

Staying Frosty.

She had a heart

As cold as ice,

Even more so

With a brain sharper

Than stalagmites.


– Original-Dante

Visualizing Our Time.

Take that 8,

Make it lie

On either side,

It produces a symbol


Exactly how long

I wish

To be,

With you.


– Original-Dante


An unavoidable paradox

The very thought,

Of me asking her

To forgive me,

For not

Forgiving her.


– Original-Dante