Transparency (Part 3)


Transparency (Part 1)

Transparency (Part 2)




How people feel when they see you, is not your fault,

You have no control over the machinations

That condition their minds to believe

That ridicule and gossip, in their own dialect, is the solution; 

The persistent bias that presides over their hearts 

Is not your fault, and perhaps it is not theirs;

But it is entirely their responsibility.


Anger, sadness, futility;

All emotional stances they may possibly inflict,

As they continue to suffocate you; all emotions, whose origins,

Are not of your making, but theirs; Choosing to feel either-or

As a result of their chokehold, is not your fault;

But it is your responsibility. 


– O.D. ©2018


Art by: yuumei



In a bid to avoid pain entirely

We only serve to empower it

I would rather revel in the heartache

Battle scars mark my stripes

Pain from that existential grind makes victory

That much sweeter.


– O.D. ©2018


Art by:  ryky





Tell me,

What do you want from me?

The cheery, jovial soul?

Or perhaps a side dish of the hard hitter

– uncensored truth giver?


Or maybe, perchance you would rather have

The self-confident ink slinger?

Who stirs words to the point of delicious


Others would rather describe his style as

“Teetering on braggadocious”


Fact is, I inhabit all of these sides,

I daresay there may be many more I have yet to see

There may be one you prefer more than the other

But in the end,

I am not a menu, from which you pick and choose

What makes you feel good.

In the end, it falls to me, to be me,

Without the assistance of a world that has no shortage 

Of character based gourmet chefs.


– O.D. ©2018


Art by: yuumei






The lines I design

Lasso social barriers smothering the world,

Flinging them, from here, 

To that pocket dimension

You never knew existed;

Till now.


– O.D. ©2018


Photograph by: Aquilapse


Bye ()


… And just like that

It ended.


Addicted, she was

To balancing the hearts of men

Pushed her luck

Off a cliff, attempting to unearth

A combination

From her many slaves

That could equate to the weight of mine.


… Ambitious …

For I am not just a man

Hieroglyphics from doors long sealed hide

The key to that which defines

Me… purge the thought of witnessing

My reflection in the mirror

For there is not more than one me.


Consider this an exorcism

Of all I restrained,

As I waved good-bye.


– Original-Dante ©2017


Photograph by: incolor16




Reverse fragmentation.



Shattered to be rebuilt again

Pick the fragments of debris

Salvage what remains

But never, leave the pieces

They are who you are


Every end signals a new beginning

If they tell you, “you can’t do it”


It just means there’s one more person

To surprise

Keep it cool as ice

If finishing the pie is a victory

Don’t settle for a slice.



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