Rambling #1

Loosely linked to the poem Possible

I talk about why I wrote that poem; and many other things 🙂

18 minutes (Yes, its long)



Versatile and formless

I ebb and flow on that which acts as

The solid foundation of balance 

For the majority’s sense of existence.


I mirror the likeness of the landscape,

Sun, moon and stars,

Taking them with me wherever I go

Recreating their likeness in my own

Still life, albeit wavy design.


I am an artist,

Resist the temptation to hold

Or pocket my work, for it is only as good

As its proximity to me

Simply put;

It is mine to keep.


– O.D. ©2018


Photograph by: Lumarieus21


I have a few things in common with water, minus the whole evaporation and raining thing; I leave that to the actual pro.



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Get to know me, and I, you.




My exterior, without a doubt

Has a forcefield that, 

To many, may seem impenetrable;

That may actually be the case,

But maybe it isn’t.


See what I did there?

That is, perhaps the best re-enactment

Of what those around me see during my interactions

I tell you something, without actually saying anything,

So engrained with the art, I am a mobile riddle.


Untying the knots that bind me

Is not the be all, end all,

I wish he would realize that

*ahem* pardon me, for showing my humanity.


In a bid to avoid being a narcissist like my mentor

I took every deviation possible;

Avoidance so overdone to the point of charting

Yet another, self-fulfilling prophecy.


I write about myself and they call me a narcissist

Given the impressionable labels of the consensus, I may be,

But did you take a moment to consider the fact

That I talk about myself

Because that may be, the one thing

I believe I actually know of?


The way I speak can be likened to that

Of an upside-down pyramid

Words start scattered all over the place, 

Eventually narrowing down to a singular point;

With that said, It may be time

For our fourth date, dear reader

I believe it is long overdue.


– O.D. ©2018


Art by: GUWEIZ









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Let me re-adjust my crown,

Pitching in, when the caged bird sings …

A King, best look good, before he feasts

On those social barriers, seemingly made bigger,

Every day

As if to compensate, for my insatiable appetite.


Remove the “smoke and mirrors”

You seem to think I lean on, to better translate

A language, I would break down – if I had the time,

What you see beyond the veil you have set for yourself

Is how my mind functions – or is it?

I only wish It was that simple to emulate through speech.


For a finite definition does not, in the slightest

Come close to the power I exhibit on the dreamscape

I exist within your reality, and when I so choose

Enter a dream sequence, making a bygone story

Of what you, in an entire lifespan, would describe

As the beginning and end of our time.


It’s a cold world, yet my words glimmer in the dark

The more the merrier, for when combined

They make the most elaborate bonfire;

And when I’m lost in the impending storm,

I look back, and there, far off in the distance

Lie my words, sentient in their materialization

Of the brightest lighthouse.


– O.D. ©2018


Art by: CaringWong









Coils of unknown elements

Whispers echo in the south,

Of a vessel, formed of cinder

Every motion, guaranteed friction

Ethereal flux, with every flick

Of the wrist, cosmic defying combustion;

Far-fetched, maybe

And if it isn’t?

– Original-Dante ©2017

Photograph by: TJUArt



Bracket ()


Shielded from the worst

The sphere had to offer,

Except inevitable eventualities;

Departing the outlier,

Her warm embrace.


“You set ablaze live embers,

You constellate and design star formations”

 She said that of me,

So vehemently

So much so,

I started to believe it too.


– Original-Dante ©2017


Photograph by: incolor16






Relentless eye contact with that dot

From where it starts, it draws a line

My dreams: the dot, the line: my path;

Naturally, I follow, proceeding to control

Making short work of concrete blocks

A wrecking ball, unbarring the road

Footprints trickle of cinder, new age pathfinder

I light and lead the way

For those afraid to move

I fight demons yet still have time

To live, love, laugh

Earth, my house, for now

My ambition, far from fulfilled, but soon

And when all is said and done

I re-route my life force, to the next world

But till then

I embrace my present existence.

– Original-Dante ©2017

Photograph by: sandrawiklander


Dark Space.


Too often do I make

Passive mentions about my outlier

Without giving it much attention,

That elseworld portal

Suction force equivalent

To that of, a hull breach, at light speed

I reserve for the over ambitious;

Need someone to drag down with you?

I’ll gesture that you move along

As that dark space, sieved from my collection

Of pocket dimensions, derailed

From my persistent train of thought

And realm of existence

Will be your new home. 

– Original-Dante ©2017

Photograph by: Oer-Wout


State Of Me.


Allow me to stretch my writer arm

Note the spectral energies embodied by my form 

 When I write, words, I don’t envision

Instead, a code, from a time untold

Fulfilling my role

As intergalactic mediator

For the layman.

Their shouts, I turn to whispers

As I descend, towards the center

Of raging winds, for I am the eye

Of the storm, the calm, that dilates,

Pushes back, our world’s veritable stampede

Come hell or high water

I make a way where others believe

There is none.

– Original-Dante ©2017

Photograph: MarsiaMS


When It Happens, Look For This.


If it happens today

The elaborate chiseling of my epitaph

Six feet under, re-acquainting myself

With mother earth, how will you take it?

Will you remember me?

If so, how?

Will you remember me as

The heart on sleeve wearer?

The all in lover?

The harsh truth giver?

Or maybe something even simpler?

Just another black guy?

The poet from who knows where?

The writer who stared at his goal

With a steely eyed glare?

The Last Earth Bender?

Who could re-direct our planet on its axis

With words that took you to a time

Filled with regenerative bliss

Long forgotten or yet to be explored?

Will my enemies rejoice and see it

As a chance to think of a rejoinder

They couldn’t conjure when I was still

In my vessel? 

A shame, I won’t have the chance

To put them back in place, at any rate

All my past pieces could still play the part

Even beyond the grave.

Will that narcissist finally take the time

To read this post and finally realize

That my way of thought is in no way or form

Geared to conform?

Will she finally see all a did?

Will she finally escape from the confines

Of her own mind?

 Or will I just be another memory

She holds onto?

At the very least

When, and if it happens, today or tomorrow

Remember this place, my haven

For if you ever needed answers 

To who I am, what I do, or feel about you

Never say I forgot to leave you something

To look through.

– Original-Dante ©2017

Photograph by: Poli91


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