A Medley Of Thoughts #Revisited


Been a mile since I have written one of these

Pieces with ink that bears no chaser

Upfront, no filter curbing my cursed cursive lines

In a bid to bring out my best self;

Hard to tow a line that borders between

Writing for myself or the betterment of others.


I could claim to be many things that are not me

Lie and twist your mind till I imprint that reality

Making it true, but in truth, it bears no value

When all it entails is me lying to myself.


I would be unaware of my own choices

Of the same person only in a different vessel

Expecting a different result,

Hoping to reel in an excuse

To stay bitter, validating my insecurities

And blind reasoning.


The day I realized I had changed

Was when she broke my heart

And instead of crying or feeling hurt …

I laughed …



– O.D. ©2018


Art by: schastlivaya-ch








Prior to this, I was a funambulist

Walking a fine line between dark and light

Now, I can confidently say

I play jump rope with the threshold

That binds night and day.


– O.D. ©2017


Art by:  ryky



Through my writing

I will plant a seed of hope

In the darkest crevices of your mind

Like that phantom vibration syndrome

Experience unforeseen

Yet euphoric sensations

In your darkest moments 

As you feel the light from my essence

Shine, even in the face of my absence.


– O.D. ©2017


Art by:  UnidColor



Doing the same thing, inexplicably expecting

Different results, the definition, 

Of insanity; Inadvertently facilitating,

Room, for the subconscious

To confirm your self-fulfilling prophecy.


– Original-Dante ©2017




Art by: aerroscape



Escape the clutches of my causation;

Be you

Without needing me

To be the trigger

That makes you do

What you do.

– Original-Dante ©2016

Photograph by: MarcoHeisler

A Snare For The Poetic

The ideas I hunt for
The original ones
Come from a quiet place,
The only rhythm and beat
My heart’s pace.

A touch from nature
Or a medley of emotions
Provide the necessary inspiration,
The only common factor
Like the “b” in subtle.


Daily doses

With a pen in my hand
I am indeed ready
For the next poetic fix,
A piece Inspired
By the rain drops
Tap dancing on my window.


Leaking Identity

After an unwarranted hiatus
Though undoubtedly useful
Came an eye-opener
And powerful Impetus.
To what I hear you ask?
Life, people, myself
The whole bunch.

It was very much so
A good experience
At some points,
Quite intense.

Of all the lessons I’ve learnt
Relying on myself
Is not, and never will be
A good idea.

Relying on others is worse
No doubt
Keeping eyes
On the most high
Afterall, Salvation
Is just a step away.