The Identity Caper.

(Spoken Word) 

Use earphones.

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– O.D. ©2021

Art by:  BillyNunez

The Sun, The Star And The Rainbow.

Last time I wrote one of these was 2019. I read what I wrote in my previous anniversary post and some part of me is really happy for that version of me. Things were “perfect” in a sense — but some big lessons were waiting just past the horizon. 

It’s been 7 years. 7 years of doing this and —it’s weird because it doesn’t feel that long (It does however when I factor how many posts I’ve written) roughly 800+ ; which isn’t much by the way. 

People rightfully ask why I haven’t published a poetry anthology yet. Lol it’s on the way, trust me. You’ll know when it’s ready 🙂

I’ve met many people during my time here, some of them disappeared unannounced and I hope they are okay wherever they are. Everyone is going through something — but not everyone sticks around.

When we’re not staring at the screen we all have some other stuff going on. 

In the end, I just hope everyone is alright.




– O.D. ©2021

Rhythm To My Suffering.

(Spoken Word) 

Use earphones.


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– O.D. ©2021


Art by: BillyNunez

Ascetic Fleece.

“You’re afraid of your demons”

“Hm. That’s odd …”


“That’s not what they’re saying”

– O.D. ©2021 

Art by:  AngelGanev


I could write it, but I’ll say it (Spoken Word)

Art by: Design-By-Humans

Thoughts Like A Theme Park (Final)


Time to put this series to rest. It’s the only way I see myself exploring other Spoken Word projects.



Links to all previous parts are here:

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Art by: SuperPhazed

No Excuses.

I did not form my inner world to stay out of touch with reality

On the contrary,

I formed my inner world because I’m in touch with reality

And in all honesty?

To me, reality, is quite simply …


– O.D. ©2021

Art by: AaronGriffinArt

Use what you find around me however you please; but don’t tell me how to use my mind. Think. Reflect. Because you might not even know where to find yours. 

Blood Echo.

You mistake my pulse,

For a knock on the door.

– O.D. ©2021

Art by:  AaronGriffinArt

Leaky Encroach.

You’re not telling me who I am,

You’re not telling me who I could be,

You’re not showing me a world I don’t already see

You’re not who I imagine when I see a leader in front of me;

No, honey,

You’re late.

– O.D. ©2021

Art by: Astri-Lohne

I don’t endorse smoking. But if that’s your thing, don’t mind me.

The Facet Extinction.

I wake up — every, single, day. 

To hunt — kill, my ego for sport 

It’s a high stakes game, painstakingly rediscovering

My tentative view of satori.

An endless — pathless journey.


Irony: Chiseling a statue to my humility

My humility, Stems from the need —

To preserve my soul’s integrity

Not for people — It has never been about them

And If I’m being completely honest

If you hadn’t mentioned it right now

I would have never noticed they were there.


– O.D. ©2021


Art by: AaronGriffinArt