Pocket The Sun.

Born of the same separateness

Found in shadows formed past clouds

Trying to hide the sun at high noon. 

– O.D. ©2021

Art by: ART-BY-DOC

Poetry is for the willing poet in all of us.

You can write it, you can live it.

Iridescent Chorus.

What do you think would happen

If we synthesized every heart-beat that’s ever existed?

Do you think, maybe….

Just maybe…. we’d find rhythm in the discord?

– O.D. ©2021

Art by:  ART-BY-DOC

I can’t find the off-switch to my mind — It’s always working.

I could show you the room where I last saw it. But then you’d get lost too… And we don’t want that now, do we?

Asch Conformity.

You say you have all my boxes ticked …

Error: They’re cubes.

Please tell me,

How many sides have you missed?


– O.D. ©2021


Art by: theirison


If you want to build engagement. Tell people what they want to hear despite your personal beliefs. Prime them for more sweet nothings. Build a platform they can come to whenever they are having a bad day. Toss in a famous quote here and a self-help book there. Can’t teach them how to walk on their own two feet. No. They’ll need you for that *bzzt*

Does poetry carry more meaning when it has a message? When it seeks to topple empires and shed light on the evil that’s in the world? Is that what poetry is? Because if that’s all it is… then poetry is garbage.

I don’t write poetry because it has rules. Poetry is owned by the poet and whatever manner of energy they pull from the universe. A sort of symbiosis. (but that’s my interpretation)

I believe poetry can’t be owned by any principle. Poetry for the sake of poetry is already compelling. If it’s spliced with a message. Great.

If it carries a feeling or a sensation from a moment. Awesome.

Not one or the other is the hallmark of great poetry.

*Bzzt* Death of the  Author Poet essentially marks a part of my philosophy regarding this. I will not pretend to have something profound to say. Because if you know me, you know how little I care about changing the world. It’s none of my business until it reaches my doorstep. It never used to be like this. I used to care. And maybe I still do (too much even) — but it sucks seeing things staying the same …. … … *bzzt*

Sorry, lost connection there. I hope you’re having a nice day. 



Star Dust(er).

“Contempt prior to investigation”

Daydream about my failure

Knowing that’s where that reality starts and ends

As a compound to the makings of a flawed theoretical capacity.

– O.D. ©2021

Art by:  robrey

There are many crimes we’ve come to identify over the course of history; and many others we’ll continue to uncover as the world changes. But one that continues to get to me the most is the stealing of dreams.

I’m talking about breaking someones’ spirit till they choose not to do something they love.

This is perhaps one of the most evil things I’ve ever witnessed. And it may sound like I’m catastrophizing, but the truth is when someone has their dream stolen from them (either through devaluation or invalidation) — well, I feel the world has lost something.

Don’t let anyone break your spirit. Most people think they know everything– including what’s best for you. They don’t.

<<The following part is for lovers of the strawman>>

I’m not saying don’t listen to people entirely. I’m saying listen to people within reason. Don’t just flow.


If you could spend a second in my shoes

You would come to the same realization:

That what you think of me doesn’t matter.

I have enough personality to play the part of the father,

The mother, the suicidal son, the closeted daughter

And the posse of deviants hiding in the reeds

— Waiting for lights out …

Because they’ve been casing the family’s house for weeks.

– O.D. ©2021

Art by: theirison

If Colors Had A Voice.

“Is this what you see every day?

All those colors ?

Your inner world — It’s amazing”

She said.

“But babe…” her lover responded.

“I haven’t removed your blindfold yet”

– O.D. ©2021

Art by: kelogsloops

Silence: The Instrumental.

Who you thought they were

Who they thought they were

And who they actually were

— Are all parallels that never merged,


Don’t beat yourself up

They may have fooled you

But their entire life is predicated on fooling themselves


Their heart never changed,

No …

… It was never there.


– O.D. ©2021


Art by: Nuhanotion


Wrote this as a reminder of past experiences.

Of lovers or friends that entered my field of disillusionment — or just scummy people in general. Jeez, there are some seriously broken people out there. 

There is a Russian saying I saw today that compelled me to write this piece, it says “The more quietly you leave, the further you’ll get” it was in reference to making your own way after having to deal with toxic people.

I can relate. Because I never announced to certain people that I’m “disappearing” …I just exited, and when they eventually asked why I gave them answers like “I need time to meditate”. Which is true, they just don’t need to hear that THEY are one of the reasons for me choosing to leave. I tend to find joy in avoiding unnecessary conflicts,

Particularly in cases where I’ve tried reasoning with people before lol you just end up going in circles and hearing sophist conclusions. 

Don’t fret dear reader, some people are simply beyond saving. And besides, these people aren’t our responsibility

(well, unless it’s your professional responsibility) <== I would have ended the prose by saying this — but it just feels like virtue signaling. 

Spacetime Delivery.

I was never taught how to appreciate poetry

I was birthed on the periphery of unknown space

Lost, with stars as a guide — crash landed on earth

— Because why the hell not.

I had heard whispers — that the planet is an ongoing party.

That it’s where you come when you’re low on thrill and inspiration.

…. I had to see for myself.


I was surprised — disappointed —

— That this planet is as much as it gets

For those that choose to call it home.

I decided to speak — communicate — most could hear the sounds

But few came close to understanding what I was saying,

How could they? All they heard was the anonymous DJ pumping the music.

I lost all hope — perhaps I chose the wrong place to make my landing.

If there was ever a wholesome party here… It’s been dead.


“Not really” said poetry, lulling me to the dance floor

“You have yet to talk to me”

Words with a voice so androgynous —

— so fiercely braided with the mystic — enchanting —

An alien cadence with limitless charge for my neurochemistry

I found my first love in poetry — that’s why I stayed.

Poetry. The primary to this polyamory 

The everything that makes everyone an easy secondary.


Our conversation, from that day,

Has long since turned into an iron-clad declaration

 From then — now — till a point in time when reptilian brains stop observing …

The day when your vision turns black and you have no idea what just happened

When you have made yourself at home in the primordial chaos.


Swaying with ethereal spirits among the stars

Choosing where to mark your next destination

Whatever you do — don’t believe the rumors tossed by the intergalactic community

Earth is an okay party …nothing too special

The equivalent of Poyais in the Milky Way Galaxy

The essence of it’s beating heart and value stemming from the creatives.


There are far too many places to choose from

Other places I could have easily gone

But I just had to see what all the fuss is about.

Consider my FOMO cured

When you get another chance

… Try not to pick the same party twice.


– O.D. ©2021


Art by: robrey





When Love Is Silent.

If all you see is misery,

Despair fetishized,

And the invalidation of joy;

Then it’s fair to say,

You’re around the wrong people.

– O.D. ©2021

Art by:  Gydw1n

I’ve never seen tormentors more miserable than when they have no-one to torment but themselves. If you can help it; avoid being a resource for unchecked neuroticism.

I don’t know, I just think you deserve better than that.

For The Coming Darkness.

Of course I love the light.

But I’ve learnt to also appreciate the darkness.

I mean …

How else will I see the stars?


– O.D. ©2021


Art by:  snatti89


I’ve got an update for the Series of Unpopular Opinions later today. I hope you’ll participate; helps the series… it’s also a lot of fun.

……… mostly fun.