The Light To Your Darkness.


Indecisiveness leaves little to nothing

In the way of progress,

Resist the deceitful comfort of stagnancy;

Blaming the world is, and always

Will be the easiest.

But it owes us nothing, Instead

Cherish those you love

Live life as best you can;

Put your heart in the right place

And be the light to people’s darkness.


– O.D. ©2018


Art by: Unknown


Results came in for the blog awards, a week back if I’m not mistaken. I never really got to share the news because I was way too busy — also I didn’t win anything 😀 haha. Going into the blog awards I wasn’t necessarily expecting to win, but I wanted to get out of my comfort zone. So, thanks again to everyone who voted for me and congratulations to those who won 🙂 

Have you ever had a question for me but was hesitant or afraid to ask? Well, you can always get do that by using Curious Cat; and the best part is you can ask anonymously. So if you’re afraid of heat, you won’t get any; not that there’s any heat 🙂

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Culmination of each written piece:

Unearthed by the intertwining of multiverse mediums

My “Post-poetry-discovery” personality is past relatable; 

Constantly, I raise the peace sign

As a Self-defining Afrofuturist,

Champion of the Black Star,

Otherworldly ink slinger;

One, if not all, take your pick.

Not entirely the point of focus

As the only thing that needs understanding

Is my position in the war between dark and light.


Before I forget, woe to those

That would dare interfere

With the formation of my inner thoughts;

Often caffeinated as the ballpoint rolls,

Often told its a bad habit – or so rumour has it –

But, if that is indeed the case,

You might as well say the same

Of the source; the art form.



I dance between the parallels of perception

What you think you see of me 

May indeed be the remnant of my astral projection

As each verse does its best to compress

A different facet of my personality.


I am – to surrounding cliques

What Cinderella’s glass shoe is, to her sisters;

I don’t fit, even as they desperately

Try to wear me as their own.

See, when I say I’m transparent

Believe me, I don’t exaggerate

Like glass, you will see through me

But only get to see, what lies beyond me,

And not me.


– O.D. ©2018


Art by: Joshua Mays






“Always and forever yours, Africa”

I absolutely love this picture; a combination of the chosen aesthetic and power behind the stripes. I immediately got inspired.



Out, standing,

As if to make existential, in the material,

That I am, indeed, outstanding.

Isolation facilitates

The unabridged flow of my thoughts.


My words and how I deliver them

Will undoubtedly trigger those

That would wish to have me in a position

That best suits anyone,

But me.


Black Magic is what I call my skin, 

I am the fable you grew believing does not exist,

I am that amalgamation of African spirits which

 Make me a nightmare to supremacists.

A sneeze? Please — perhaps even less,

Is more than enough to liquidate 

My supposed confinement.


How do I put this subtly?

“Your belief in my genius is irrelevant”

I am not your disciple; waiting eagerly

For you to say, what I inherently know to be true,

I am that intellectual phantom

You are yet to meet.


– O.D. ©2018


Photo by: sixreadrabbits
















A Date With You, Dear Reader (Final)


A Date With You, Dear Reader (Part 1)

A Date With You, Dear Reader (Part 2)

A Date With You, Dear Reader (Part 3)



“I hope I didn’t keep you waiting long” 😉



Black Star constituent with a sharp tongue

Wit with, a not-so-subtle-grit, accompanying what I speak,

My words are a cocktail best served as an extension

Of myself, on the foundation of this fragile existence.


What I stew in my cauldron, I stir to perfection.

Takes time to give my readers what they deserve;

“Nothing short of Argyle in literal form” I always say

The diamonds I dissolve on paper, glitter, if only

To spark that twinkle in your eyes,

A twinkle, you relay back to me, through your screen.


– O.D. ©2018


Art by: ryky


















Say hello, to the light in your darkness

I arrive as quickly as I leave

To better understand, quickly transition

To a bird’s eye view

Of the trail, I have already blazed

On the world, that is our canvas;

The lines left by flickering flames illustrate

The path I choose — chose — and will

In due time, tread on.


– O.D. ©2018


Art by: ryky

A Date With You, Dear Reader (Part 2)


A Date With You, Dear Reader (Part 1)

A Date With You, Dear Reader (Part 3)

A Date With You, Dear Reader (Final)




You catch me off guard

As I write with Earth revolving

On my ballpoint, affixed on that axis

Better illustrated as “the rest of my pen”.


The look on your face I fail to distinguish

And that’s what I love, you are that veritable –

Closely associated to – unsolvable puzzle –

I wish to – but never want to solve.


I tend to talk too much in a bid to be transparent

Perhaps I should let you speak this time around






You know, I find it fascinating how we met,

A match that goes beyond the usual swipe to the right;

I may be many things, but trust me when I say

I value loyalty and honesty above all else.


Which is why when it comes to you,

I give everything I have, for being here

Even when you have better things to do

Touches my heart, yes, contrary to popular belief

I have one too ❤


– O.D. ©2018


Art by: ryky



All Together Now (Collaboration)


Another collaboration with my friend Kim from the blog Peace, Love and Patchouli

Always a pleasure and enlightening experience working with her. Our words weaved together into one; leaving me inspired and hopeful for another project later in the future 🙂 . Visit her blog and bear witness to how she brings light into the world through her amazing writing.


Invisible hands move slowly

Softly melding in to touch the coolness

I am created piece by piece

Sheltered in the warmth

I wait to serve.


In unison, I pour

The best of me and you

Molded formation of love and truth

Allotropes of the light

Touch gifted by none other

Than the most divine.


I feel you through each finger tip,

Forming my soul with such an innocence

And as seen through your eyes

You make me whole

And through my imperfection

I feel beautiful

Inside and out.


Kneaded, to a standard reflective of

How much we’re needed

Nature of our design sparks emulation

Feel the presence in our stillness

Look at us, witness your reflection

Through our rich definitive finish

Another love letter

From our Maker.


We stand together

Unique in our collective being

Standing tall and ready

To serve the needs of the starving soul,

To refill where there is an emptiness

With hope and love for all.


Peace, Love and Patchouli & O.D. ©2017






And when they curse at me during a rebuttal

Also known as, the end of their intellectual capacity,

“Rest” I say,

“You did your best”.


– Original-Dante ©2017


Art by: chateaugrief




Allow me room, in my Elseworld space

When I become one with, the golden thread,

Piercing the needle’s eye; knowledge and pen I conduct

To work in sequence, I sew pieces together like cloth

Pattern and tune of the stitch,

Relative to recipients.


– Original-Dante ©2017


Art by: ryky






Spectrum -_-_- Consciousness


A simple, delicate kiss, from those sweet lips

Proceeds to be that which gives

A lapse to cognitive functions;

For but a second, what follows, besides

A Kickstarter to, perhaps, the most persistent

Stream of thoughts; coiling, concentric circles

Around me, like an asteroid belt,  

Overwhelming but enticing.


What they see as just another piece

Is to me, another window

They fail to peek through,

We, as poets, do not just write, no,

No… it’s not that simple bystander,

We open gateways to a new universe.


– Original-Dante ©2017


Art by: ryky