Sieving Tactics.

From that untimely solitude
Came a seamless transition
If not a multitude
Of unexpected revelations
Namely, Being a natural loner
Keeps me away
From drama-filled scenes
That I would rather cut short
At the seams
Before they get sewn
Into my life, or rather,
Before they manifest
Into something
I naturally detest.



Take what you will
From the poet’s page.
Written aspirations
With the intent
To see past the minds cage,
Personal perceptions
Of life and virtues
A downpour of mingled feelings
Whether it be rage
Or a recollection of the days
That never seem to fade.

A diary of varying pigments
Relative deciphering
With each written segment,
Different sets of eyes
Discerning different ties.

Like a roaring waterfall
I plan
To keep thoughts flowing till
Time stands still
UnOriginal of Dante, but still
Until then,
From the poet’s page
Take what you will.


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