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The glossy surface,

Directly reflects

A well-lit sea

Of stars.





Rays reflective

Of a light

Nearing its end days,

The moon

Divided and conquered

By a pigment

Of cotton clouds.


A New Day.

Morning Trees


“Good morning world!”

Not much of a response.


Mother nature’s consolation

The swaying trees

Waving right back.






Dark veil lifted

The Rising Sun


A new day.


Natural Playlist.

Choice of sounds

Runs from birds chirping,

To the pounding

Of ocean waves,

Any day.



Mother Nature’s Sentiment.


Through the rustling trees

Comes nature’s whisper

Of a greater tomorrow.


Nature’s Embrace.

Spread your arms
Embrace the breeze
As the prickly grass
Tickles your feet.


Daily doses

With a pen in my hand
I am indeed ready
For the next poetic fix,
A piece Inspired
By the rain drops
Tap dancing on my window.


Drizzling Tunes.



A hydro barrage

Of Cascading beats,

A duet

Made Possible

With the involuntary participation

Of the receiving ground.


Past the star-lit trees

-Lies what we yearn for,


Of what we abhor,

Past the silhouetted trees

Lies a land of dreams.


Unaccomplished dreams

To be exact,

Reaching them

Will require nothing more

Than superior tact.



Is what we all envision,

Keeping targets and goals

Within our peripheral vision.


Reach out your hand

For that dream

And clutch,

Use the sweat and tears

As a crutch.


Keep the flame burning

Even if the tides keep turning,

Hold on to that dream

That beam

That pierces through the cracks.


Look at that path

Focus and follow

No matter how hollow,

For once we go

Past these obstacles

And look at our past sorrows

We’ll know it was all worth it

To build a greater tomorrow.