All Over The Place.


I find peace in my own thoughts

Memorabilia manifest at the heart

Of my thought process, rather,

The room in my mind palace reserved

For my personalized montage.

They say we need to be in touch with reality

Who’s? theirs? Or the over-arching one?

Who determines where it starts or ends?

Good attempts at unintentional jokes,

I choose the reality that puts my heart

And mind at ease,

Yes, at ease, as I dump the idea

Of falling in line.

You could either accept to be a part of the fold

Or to be aware of the fold, so you can escape

And become your own,

I’m neither this or that;

I don’t aim to be better or to catch up to anyone

Low-key machinations of self-constructed servitude;

Scorched the idea of being interlinked

With the lives of others;

So instead of wanting to be the best

I chose to do better,

To live.

– Original-Dante ©2016

Photograph by: eKBS

Break Time.

Hey everyone, I’m going to be taking an indefinite break from blogging for a while; I just moved so I’m getting things in order. I’ll be back as soon as I can though, you can count on that. Any comments you leave I’ll respond to when I get back so don’t think i’m ignoring or anything lol!

Take care everyone, and stay blessed 🙂


– Original-Dante

Ongoing/Finished Stories Update.


I realized many stories I’ve been writing are difficult to navigate on my blog, so I decided the best solution is to have a persistent post that gets updated as the stories progress. When I’m about to post the next part of any series I’ll update this post to reflect when the post will be getting published on WordPress.

(Bookmarking this page might help for those who want to keep checking )

Below is a list of the stories I’ve written and finished, as well as the ones that are still ongoing, I hope you find one that suits your tastes 🙂


The Untold Chronicles Series (Ongoing)

A set of different stories in the same universe with various characters portraying differing perspectives. Focuses on many themes (mostly dark) and the reality behind actions people take without our knowledge. I hope you enjoy. 🙂


Untold Chronicles (Part 1)

Untold Chronicles (Part 2)

Untold Chronicles (Part 3)

Untold Chronicles (Part 4)

Untold Chronicles (Part 5)

Untold Chronicles (Part 6)

Untold Chronicles (Part 7)

                              Untold Chronicles (Part 8) (Sequel to Part 2)

                               Untold Chronicles (Part 9)  (Sequel to Part 7)

                                Untold Chronicles (Part 10) (Sequel to Part 6)

Untold Chronicles (Part 11)

              Untold Chronicles (Part 12) (W.I.P)

Untold Chronicles (Part 13)

Untold Chronicles (Part 14)

          Untold Chronicles (Part 15:Final)


The Platform. (Ongoing)

09_19_2013_by_tomatomatomato-d6n5dbu (2)

A story of family, music, love and fame. 

The Platform (Part 1)

The Platform (Part 2)

The Platform (Part 3)

The Platform (Part 4) (W.I.P)


The Invisibility Trilogy (Finished)


Musings on the idea of being invisible.

Practically Invisible


The Invisibility Trilogy


CLOUDs (Finished)


A bit on the personal side, posts come out once every year.

CLOUDs (part 1)

CLOUDs (part 2)

CLOUDs (part 3)

CLOUDs (Part 4)

CLOUDs (Part 5:Final) 


I hope you take the time to look at some of the stories i’ve written 🙂 any form of feed-back is welcome. Take care 🙂 .

– Original-Dante

The Time I Almost Lost My Blog.

Let’s take a break on the poetry for a bit with some story-telling. True story.


Yep, that’s right, there was indeed a time I almost lost my blog in 2014. Not the most pleasant experience but funny now that its just a memory.

I had just placed a two stage authentication on my WordPress account; you know, trying to experiment and all. Of course this meant I would only log into my account when I receive a unique password via SMS (Do you see where this is going?)

If only I had taken the time to consider all the possibilities that could occur ; because a week after putting that two-stage process my phone got stolen… good times. lol.

Naturally this story has a good ending, otherwise you wouldn’t be seeing this post. I was able to get help from the WordPress forums, and here we are. See, I couldn’t log into my account for a month. During that time I began to reflect on everything related to my blog e.g how much time I had spent fine-tuning the OD (Original-Dante) blog; the 100+ posts I had published; the posts I had planned; the friends I had made; if they cared if I disappeared; the pain of starting a new blog *sigh*.

Looking back at it now, Its clear I was heart broken but trying not to show it. Long story short, thank God it never came to that. At the same time, I’m kinda thankful that it did; because the zeal that took over me when I got the chance to write here again couldn’t have come from nowhere else had it not been for that experience.


– Original-Dante ©2016

Daily Prompt: Joke

72 Hours In.

First off, Happy New Year everyone,

I know its a bit late for me to say that, but as they say, better late than never;  and in my case, it came close to that (being never that is). 12 hours before New Year my cousin brother and I got into a car accident; at this point its old news, but then…well, it was something. Decided to keep to myself for a little bit, that dose of perspective shaped the beginning of my New Year. No-one got hurt (Thank God) but I wasn’t exactly reflecting positive vibes for the last few days.

Otherwise I hope you all enjoyed, it couldn’t have been bad for everyone :P. Funny thing though, I get to say I had the accident Last Year instead of Last Week, makes it sound further than it actually is (slight placebo effect is helping me forget faster).

To get into better spirits I looked at all my poetry for this year and selected the top 10 that were most liked by other bloggers, hope you enjoy 🙂


Tragic Magic



By The Sandy Shore

Iris Of Seduction


Thoughts On A Bench

Letters Yet To Be Sent

Our Africa

Writer’s Alley

Discovery Of The Self


– Original-Dante ©2016


Infinity Dreams Award.



I would like to thank naughty innocence for nominating me for this award. If you want to check out her post pertaining to the nomination you can check it out here .

Here are the rules:

1)Tell us 11 facts about yourself.
2)Answer the questions that were set for you to answer
3)Nominate 5-10 bloggers and set questions for them.

Here’s 11 facts about myself

1) Apart from the fact that I like games (RPGs mostly) I can spend hours upon hours on a single one, for example, Fallout 4; right after its release day, I went AWOL.

2)My favorite underground rap duos include Black Star, The R.O.O.T.S and Actual Proof.

3)Most of the time when i’m writing, i’m either listening to music or I have a beat in my head.

4)I love cats and dogs, for different reasons though. Cats are calm and collected, only exhibiting interest in you when they’re hungry (mostly) haha I find that fascinating. Dogs on the other hand, are just awesome, nothing beats that connection you can have with a pet dog, most loyal friend ever.

5)I’m always on the move between Zimbabwe, South Africa and Russia.

6)I only have three close friends.

7)Wanna bribe me? Jelly babies are the ticket.

8)All-time favorite sitcom, How I Met Your Mother; expertly executed humor and viewer immersion. Plus, most of the jokes land, not to mention the amazing love story.

9)I’m a good listener; or so i’m told. hehe I’d like to believe I am.

10)I’ve never liked people who try to pull me down or tell me I can’t do something because of A or B.

11)I’m probably mean for all the truth bombs I drop, but honestly, I expect people to bomb me with the truth too.


11 Questions asked

Which place do you reside in ?

I reside in Moscow, Russia, but I was born in Gweru, Zimbabwe. I’m proud to be from there; contrary to the media’s portrayal, we don’t fight wild animals on a daily.


Any specific things you enjoy about the place?

Moscow: the fact that its predominantly snowy, not a fan of summer.


What is your astrological sign?



What is your one strength and one weakness?

My perception of reality is governed by me and not others ….I hate spiders.


What are your biggest fears of life?

Realizing that everything I believe in is a construct to maintain order and pacify.


Your Inspiration to start the journey of writing?

The love of writing stories, I just wanted to introduce my style of writing to everyone I knew.


Activities that keep you busy when at leisure?

Reading novels, playing games and listening to music. Never became a fan of movies especially after the interactive experience of games.

Ever notice in those horror flicks when a character makes a dumb decision and you feel like you could have made a better choice? Yep, games allow you to do that.


What is your dream job?

Script Writer.


Do you prefer doing things day or night?

At night, i’m more focused then, weirdly enough.


Do you have a pet?

Nope, but I plan to get one once i’m settled in one place.


One dream you wish were true?

Hard to say, but I wish my family stayed in one place.


Here are my nominees:


Ramblings Of Nekaaar

Irresistibly Fish

Golden Life Living

Benjamin Solak

The Chaser Of Dreams


Here are the questions the nominees have to answer:

(6 questions)

1) What do you prefer, blue or black ink?

2) Whats your most embarrassing moment?

3) Favorite childhood cartoon? why?

4) What inspires you in life or in writing?

5) In a game of X’s and O’s what do you like using?

6) Describe your character in one word.


Later people! 😀 and enjoy yourselves.



Because Bloggers Play Tag.

I was recently tagged in a 21 question challenge by my one of my friends, Brett (yeah, he’s gonna kill me for taking this long to write this post lol blame my dissertation buddy 🙂 ). If you need to look at his blog you can check it out here


1. What is your current fashion obsession?

Haha me and fashion are not at all on the same wave-length. However, I just noticed recently that I love wearing flak jackets; that’s probably the only thing i’m obsessed about.


2. What are you wearing today?

Indoor clothing with my very special jacket to stay warm. Why is it special you ask? It reminds me of a few mistakes I made last year and how I overcame that ordeal. Ironically enough, I’m wearing the jacket on my twitter pic


3. Hair?

I always keep a fade, keeping it short most of the time.


4. Do you nap a lot?

Wait, there’s more to life outside of napping? Thats news to me 😀


5. Why is today special?

Apart from being blessed with a new day and being alive its also special ’cause hey, I haven’t talked to my fellow bloggers in a long while.


6. What would you like to learn to do?

Sky-diving solo without being strapped to an instructor; I believe having such experiences makes you look at life in a different way entirely. Besides, imagine the Google-earth-like selfie you could take from all the way up there.


7. What’s for dinner today?

Rice and curry, cooked by moi…is it vain for me to say I love my own cooking more than others? (well, except my sister’s Potato salad, can’t get enough of that one)


8. What are you listening to right now?

My playlist is on random right now, nothing specific.


9. What is your favorite weather?

I used to love having an overcast, but I’ve recently gained a fondness for sunny days. They rarely come metaphorically, so i’m starting to appreciate them literally.


10. What’s the last thing you bought?

Jelly Babies, i’m obsessed.


11. What are your essentials when traveling?

Apart from my phone? my ear-phones, definitely.


12. What’s your style?

Haha I don’t have one, but if  what my friends tell me is true then I guess Im the kind of person to mind my own business. Blunt for the most part, makes other people think i’m pompous.


13. What is your most challenging goal right now?

Finishing my dissertation due 6 November, I haven’t had the time to do anything else.


14. If you could have a house totally paid for, fully furnished anywhere in the world, where would you like it to be?

Hmmm, haven’t thought about that. Probably Japan or China, one or the other. I find their culture, interesting.


15. Favorite vacation spot?

Anywhere where my family is, I rarely see them except on Christmas.


16. Name the things you cannot live without?

God, definitely, everything else becomes secondary.


17. How was your childhood?

I was NAUGHTY…my rap-sheet can be measured from here to  Timbuktu. I had awesome friends though, but when it comes right down to it, I was the one who always engineered mischievous ideas for the gang. *sigh* how time flies.


18. What would you like to have in your hands right now?

Darth Vader’s light saber…. No, seriously, Darth Vader’s light saber.


19. What are you most excited for?

Finishing my Dissertation…second time i’m mentioning the darn thing in this post lol it has its fun moments though, when all the research connects and I find a variable that adds a whole new dimension (Fulfills my wanting to be Sherlock dream)


20. If you could go anywhere in the next hour, where would you go?

Moscow, Russia. Yeah, I need to see my parents after so long.


21. Which countries have you visited?

The USA, South Africa, Botswana, Russia, Netherlands and Germany (I thank the Lord for all the safe travels)


Here is a list of the bloggers I nominate for this challenge:








Thank you for reading my post, I hope you enjoy the rest of your day! 🙂


– Original-Dante



Dragon’s Loyalty Award.



I’d like to thank Annie for nominating me for this award. You can visit her blog here Gentle Kindness .Here is a link to her post The Dragon’s Loyalty Award.


Here are the rules

  • Put the logo on your post
  • Thank the blogger who nominated you
  • Write 5 facts about yourself
  • Nominate 5-10 bloggers


Facts about me (where to even start)

  1. Other than puns, my friends say I’m too sarcastic, not even sure if it’s as much they say. Either way, I believe it to be true, sarcasm makes an otherwise dull situation, interesting 🙂 .
  2. I got the name Dante from two of my good friends in High-School, which was around 5 years ago. From then on, it kinda stuck and I’ve been using it in my writing since.
  3. I’m kinda crazy about games…action, strategy, puzzles; you name it.
  4. I tend to be anti-social when I’m working on something, especially if it’s an idea; asking me anything during this period will probably…no, most likely…result in no response.
  5. I’m blunt, makes a lot of people angry when I tell them the ugly truth; I prefer the same treatment, makes me a better individual who is more self-aware.


Here are my nominees:


Siren Whispers


Golden Life Living


Sheila Sea


Suddenly They All Died. The End


Annie’s Poetry Blog


No pressure on accepting the award, it’s all optional, however If you do, I look forward to reading your posts 🙂







Dante’s Corner #4

Hey everyone, I hope you’re all having a pleasant week so far (today will be better considering the weekend has just arrived). If you visit my blog often you’ll notice that these past two days I haven’t been posting anything. Its mainly ’cause i’m back on the academic cycle again; which means I might not post as regularly as I usually do. I personally prefer posting each and every day because I always have a new emotion to share. However with the current situation I’ve decided to take pause for a little while, until I get things sorted. Since I strive to provide the best that I’ve got in my poetry, I believe I’ll be contradicting myself if I write while distracted by other things. Can’t break my promises can I?

For recent followers of my blog and others who might have forgotten, I’ve made two promises on this blog so far:

1) I’ll always do my best to provide good pieces. Who Is This Guy?

2) I won’t abandon my blog, well, as long as i’m alive 🙂 Promise


These are promises I’ll always keep, no doubt.


A friend of mine took this picture a few weeks back, he wanted to show me how I look when Im writing a poem haha


All I need to do is finish this little ordeal i’m facing and i’ll be back again 🙂 In the mean time (If you’re interested) you can check out the Categories on my blog. Each Category has a theme to it, full of posts that relate to the title given e.g.

Catalyst is full of posts I wrote a long time ago (2010-2013) before starting this blog.

Leaking Identity is full of personal poems and posts, things that actually happened.


If you do decide to skim through my old posts please leave a comment, I would love to hear what you have to say. So until later, take care 🙂




Seasons Of Light (Mae & Original-Dante)

A collaborative poem with the ultra-talented Mae, you can find more of her poetry here: @lilacsnow


My sections are in this colour. 

Her sections are in this colour.



The sun shines brightly

Such divine grace

Seen and felt

Through the heat


Hard to ignore

With glistening skin

Squinting to catch a glimpse

Of the massive mana dropper

For the greenery

A sight for sore eyes.



She calls herself

Autumn, with her

Ripe cherry lips and

Kisses that taste

Of dark, exotic honey.


Every year she arrives

In her gown

Of see-through amber

Her soft voluptuous hips

Swaying slowly

In the light.



Beneath a sky

The colour of grief

The air is heavy

With silent light

The birds, you see,

Have fallen silent

Their songs

Lie bleeding

In fresh fallen snow.




Colours spring about

Rainbows within rainbows

A direct revearsal

To the achromatic       

The last seasoned model

To the ultimate ending

If not, the beginning.


-Mae & Dante





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