The Vanguard Division

Shining like a well-lit brazier
Flames waving in the dark
Hard to imagine something crazier
Than a lighthouse with feet
Stationed in a sea of doubts
One of the many beacons
Fighting to keep the heat.

Ambitious enough
To be God’s archer
Shooting at the stars
No terrain too rough
No challenge deemed hard
When the almighty
Is on your side.



Take what you will
From the poet’s page.
Written aspirations
With the intent
To see past the minds cage,
Personal perceptions
Of life and virtues
A downpour of mingled feelings
Whether it be rage
Or a recollection of the days
That never seem to fade.

A diary of varying pigments
Relative deciphering
With each written segment,
Different sets of eyes
Discerning different ties.

Like a roaring waterfall
I plan
To keep thoughts flowing till
Time stands still
UnOriginal of Dante, but still
Until then,
From the poet’s page
Take what you will.


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