They Fell For Each Other.

Eye-contact between them was always prevalent;

Feelings between them were always evident.

Looking at each other with focus, like hawk eyes

Not staying away from each other,

Their feelings, never told lies

Meters apart never broke the unofficial connection;

Each passing day strengthened their visual affection.

It became ritual

To look at each other at a distance, and always smile

Simple gestures would lead to them grinning, for at least a mile.


He could not wait any longer and decided to say “hi”

He discovered that no progress is made until you try,

She responded with a sweet and hearty chuckle

Her eyes always captured him, with their unwavering sparkle.

Hearing her voice was just what he needed to get through the day;

Hearing his voice made her speechless, she did not know what to say.

Hoping to continue the conversation he asked for her name;

She told him, and he did the same.


They had an awkward moment, no-one  saying anything to the other,

The simple exchange in looks, signaled a vast amount of words.

The bell rang; it was time for them to go back to class;

Shocking,  how quickly time had come to pass.

He hesitantly moved in for a hug,

She smiled and gave him a light tug.

They knew this was going to lead to something greater,

Their connection, without a single word, made them feel much stronger.


If you would have asked them where their connection was headed,

They never knew

Even their friends did not believe it,

Only a few.

Later on in the years as they looked into each others eyes

And smiled since they had nothing to hide

He would put the ring on her finger and fulfill their dream of him being the groom

And her being the bride.




I want you to look at the moonlit sky, imagine a space-ship passing-by, you’re in the space ship; see the stars? that’s only the beginning, the starting line is past the constellations. Venture past what we call galaxies, discover the unknown,  go where we don’t know, that is the destination. The need to be different, looking to leave a mark in history, changing a single mind is more than a victory. Ink mixed with propane, each letter, each word, is fuel, capable of sparking flames of creativity within yourself, and others. Deep within your mind is an idea, there’s always one, all you need to do is find it.

A willingness to learn, perfecting the craft, there is a genius that resides within everyone, the first step is the hardest part. Be inspired by the thought of being inspired, everyone you believe to be better is your equal. Aim beyond the milky way, cross-hairs aligned with an entirely different solar system; Become one with the stars, create your own mark in the sky, but no matter what, remember where you came from.



Setting up.

Status Update:

Hey everyone, the hiatus was purely intentional, I wanted to set up a proper schedule for my calendar that would make it easier for everyone to know when I was going to post my next piece of writing. So the next time I disappear it wont be because I am slacking, but because I don’t want to post randomly with no real direction. I used these last two days to refine all the pieces I have already written; Expect nothing but my best.

I hope everyones’ week is going well so far.



Cold Circle.

Frozen thoughts chained with a past I can’t forget; erasing memories is a process happening at a glacial pace. Circle residents collaborate with the pen and paper, providing a gateway, my form of escapism. Staying true to character, trying my best to please those who have my back, little by little however,  I find ‘regret’ emblazoned on the majority, leaving me with the minority. Lurking behind corners, shadows with gargantuan appetites for my demise propel verbal missiles with the intent of revenge. Nothing would please these cloaked figures more than seeing me fall into a pit of stalagmites. Rumors spread and circulate like tornadoes, ultimately, the truth is never mentioned. Finding out that someone you thought you could count on was using your personal downfalls to update their gossip article. The emotional scale does not border on sadness. Anger surfaces in the pool of emotions for being naive, falling in the same pit, again.

My principle, picking positives within the negatives; the realization that it is only through these tough times that credibility is put to the test. An indirect filter for a social circle filled with uncertainty.



At A Glance.

From a glance,

she had me fixating.

The first glimpse marked the beginning,

The spark, that has me melting

A puddle of obsession.

Unparalleled apothecary,

The healer of my heart,

Sparkling, eyes

Like stars in the sky,

She has me gazing,

For what seems like hours

Each glance feels renewed

Beauty undefined,

My thoughts consumed

By the one, the only


Atop the tower

Sweetening the sour

With her smile

She has me

At a glance, smiling right back.




Late Night Special.


Never give up, Don’t quit, it takes time, but keep at it.





Time Is A Villain.

Neither ally nor friend. A lack of policies, ruling with an iron-fist, a crown fit for one king; tyranny that revokes negotiation. Seamless movement during good or bad times, wish to go back and undo something? Good-luck with that. The pace is determined by the Autocrat; rules meant to be followed, not changed. Moving faster when joy is to be had, decelerate when agony is abound. Does it care how you feel? Wait for it to answer that.

Boasting by the minute, a pendulum moving left and right, reminding you of the pace. Another day gone, the sun dawns, not for long, dusk sets in; subtle reminders of who’s in charge. Each fleeting moment, getting us closer to that moment we all ‘love’ so much; when we get acquainted with the tombstone that has a perfectly written epitaph.



The Life Of A College Student.

A week full of frantic research, had to do an assignment which was due today. Balancing research for an assignment and my passion for writing poetry, a lot was surely taken out of me this week. I have a lot of material planned for my blog in the upcoming days; and another assignment ironically enough. There are also a few stories and poems already planned out, so you can look forward to that.



Remotely Universal – Rewind.



I’ve been to the past, I’m already back, the decision to go was made long before I had the ticket. Clinging to bits of my past, my memory is ensnared, addicted to the thought of fine tuning mistakes made in the precedent. I saw myself, surrounded by friends, looking care-free, embracing each moment. So naive, any greener and I would be one with nature. I could see the glimmer in my eyes, the way I looked at people, seeing a radiant light within strangers; no walls around me. I was done spectating, I needed to talk to myself; this was my long-awaited chance to right the wrongs I had made; making poor choices obsolete. A conversation in the mind with my past self, my only means of direct communication. I told him, without pause, to get hardened, to lower expectations, to blow out the well-lit candles I saw in strangers. Much to my surprise, he was not listening; his hands were in his ears.

Don’t you know who I am? I asked, only to get a gentle smile in response.

You need to listen to me, I’m here to help you. He told me he already knew that, but how? it did not make any sense. Six years ago, how could I have known that I would see myself?


“That’s easy, you’ve been here, five times to be exact”


Five times? How was that even possible, I only had one ticket.


“I’ve already said no four times, trust me, you’re not gonna change my mind” , he paused and smiled, “Besides, your times’ up”


-and just like that, I was back. Was it possible, that through five separate alternate realities I had opted to go back and change the past? and failed?


I sat down, trying to soak in what i had just witnessed. Maybe all along I had been looking at everything the wrong way; maybe I’ve been fooling myself from the start. I’m not stronger, I’m not more perceptive, I’m just broken. In a battle with life, i had fought multiple rounds, but lost. My past self, he was focused, repellent of negative thoughts, ready to take on anything and everything thrown at him.

All along, I had been thinking I’m fighting what life has to offer, but in truth, I was running away; unable to cope, accepting defeat. With such a realization I could not help but laugh at myself and how weak I had become. My views of a future self being wiser, just like the movies, had been watered down; never in a million years would I have thought I could learn something from my young and immature mind. Looking at myself in the mirror, I see a small glimmer in my eyes, its faint, but I see it returning. I’m smiling because I know what it means, I’m about to have one more battle round with life.




The moment which breaks the chain, a pattern you thought would stick, the moment your heart is used like a door mat, “welcome”. A singular moment that defines who you truly are, and what you’re capable of. Are you the kind of person, who will rally  manifestations of that negative energy and use it as a weapon to quench your own need for revenge? Or is it just another learning experience, in which the battle isn’t totally lost, as you gained knowledge of how to avoid similar occurrences in the future?

Moments in which these bad events happen sometimes come in bits and pieces, like break intervals in a boxing match, giving us time to heal in-between. This isn’t the case all the time though, at times a bad moment can come with the force of an avalanche, looking to flatten what little humanity you have left precipitously. A moment, in which a relationship you thought was built on roses, turns out to be a game, and you’re just a pawn. Its a road constructed on moments. Beautiful beginnings, brutal realisations and unexpected outcomes; a labyrinth of unpredictable events that are waiting for us. All we can do is be ready for these moments by building formidable defense bunkers; because its through these kind of moments that we prove our worth, our resilience, our dedication as well as our will, to keep moving forward.