Sieving Tactics.

From that untimely solitude
Came a seamless transition
If not a multitude
Of unexpected revelations
Namely, Being a natural loner
Keeps me away
From drama-filled scenes
That I would rather cut short
At the seams
Before they get sewn
Into my life, or rather,
Before they manifest
Into something
I naturally detest.


A Snare For The Poetic

The ideas I hunt for
The original ones
Come from a quiet place,
The only rhythm and beat
My heart’s pace.

A touch from nature
Or a medley of emotions
Provide the necessary inspiration,
The only common factor
Like the “b” in subtle.



I have everything backwards
I just expect too much from people
If I could, I would
Do everything differently,
Im just too naive
I’m the one who’s wrong
I’ll be the exception
To societies expectations,
Maybe, just maybe …


Nature’s Embrace.

Spread your arms
Embrace the breeze
As the prickly grass
Tickles your feet.



As the pen touches the paper

It is notably dominated

By those inked strokes


By those letters I settle

Straight on the papers lines

A hotline of emotions

Straight from the brain

And with that impromptu piece

Comes less of what I had set to expect

Rapid thoughts illustrated

With more of that enjambment effect.





Dante’s Corner (part 3)




28 March 2015,

Picture this level of irony, Graduating on the same day I started this blog last year. Its a bit crazy, but in a good way. Its only through such achievements that I realize how far I’ve come; I remember being a kid, wondering if I would ever get the chance to finish high-school; now look where I am, It seems like only yesterday that I was envious of others while playing by the swing-set.

Time has indeed flown by, and I have God to thank for keeping me alive and well through-out this journey, however, I don’t plan on stopping here… In the words of my uncle, “Its nice that you’ve graduated, but remember, this only shows that you can crawl; now you need to start walking” I couldn’t agree more; I want to keep aiming higher and make my family proud.




P.S. For those wondering, that’s my father to the left, my mentor and a man of great wisdom, the best father anyone could ever ask for.



I’ve lost count, of how many times
I’ve wanted to succumb
To that anger.
A few minutes, to let it all out
No doubt,
It would be gratifying
Emotionally satisfying
But …right after
I would feel It, regret,
Of an individual highly prone
To a super-hero complex,
So I do what I always do
Shrug off the insensitive
Or laugh
At the mediocre attempts
If they catch me on a good day
I hand out gold stars.


Red Flags.

How many wires

Did I have to trip

To finally admit

That it was a red flag parade?


Answer: too many,

Base instinct is underestimated

Next time

I’ll listen.



Daily doses

With a pen in my hand
I am indeed ready
For the next poetic fix,
A piece Inspired
By the rain drops
Tap dancing on my window.


A Taste Of First Light

Nothing quite beats
That first breath,
Of the freshest air
By that kiss
From the Sun’s rays
Nothing quite beats,
The gift
Of a new day.