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It’s power when you,

Within an instance, note the dotted lines

Meant to mark your lane,

Linking, eating them

In a single stream, like Pac-man.


Conscious of the limits projected,

Breaking what they term impossible,

Refilling my food palate

All in tandem.


The colour in my voice leaves arcs,

Leaping over the world’s hurdles

Sometimes in multiple shades

Terrestrials choose to call it a rainbow

But to each their own

For my words use the storm as a platform.


I fear no-one, but respect everyone

Chose a medium that does best to keep up

With what? Except, the traffic of my thoughts

Its creations, and all that follows.


I am not for everyone, nor do I want to be

Each match struck comes from a real place

I will not tell you what you want to hear

But what I believe I need to tell you.


– O.D. ©2018




Art by: CaringWong










Please vote for my blog Original-Dante (O.D.) in the #ZimBlogAwards. Voting ends on 21 February 2018. Any support would be greatly appreciated. The link to the votes and polls is here

My blog can be found in the Arts & Culture section 🙂




Let me re-adjust my crown,

Pitching in, when the caged bird sings …

A King, best look good, before he feasts

On those social barriers, seemingly made bigger,

Every day

As if to compensate, for my insatiable appetite.


Remove the “smoke and mirrors”

You seem to think I lean on, to better translate

A language, I would break down – if I had the time,

What you see beyond the veil you have set for yourself

Is how my mind functions – or is it?

I only wish It was that simple to emulate through speech.


For a finite definition does not, in the slightest

Come close to the power I exhibit on the dreamscape

I exist within your reality, and when I so choose

Enter a dream sequence, making a bygone story

Of what you, in an entire lifespan, would describe

As the beginning and end of our time.


It’s a cold world, yet my words glimmer in the dark

The more the merrier, for when combined

They make the most elaborate bonfire;

And when I’m lost in the impending storm,

I look back, and there, far off in the distance

Lie my words, sentient in their materialization

Of the brightest lighthouse.


– O.D. ©2018


Art by: CaringWong









Please vote for my blog Original-Dante (O.D.) in the #ZimBlogAwards. Voting ends on 21 February 2018. Any support would be greatly appreciated. The link to the votes and polls is here

My blog can be found in the Arts & Culture section 🙂




I choose to distance myself from anyone

Rather, anything, that intercedes

With the harmony, I work so hard to bring,

Lovers of money, inhibitors of the happy.


“Misery loves company” 


Perhaps if they spent more time

Looking on the outside as they do

On the inside, it would be notably easier

To magnify the level of selfishness

In consideration, of the collective.


I would say “stop”

But even I’m not arrogant enough to assume

My words carry enough weight to change 

The hearts of everyone I speak to

In fact, all I do is try,

Try to be nice, try to be the best I can be

Try to dissuade the cultivation of darkness.


All things associated with the outside, of me

I can never truly account for, but I try,

If only to do my part

In making the world a better place.


But… as much as i’ll admit to not knowing

What you will do

After I try to push you to the light

I can, with every fibre of my being tell you

Not to bring that darkness to me

For trying to quell my burning ambition

Can, in essence, be likened to you attempting to hide

A supernova within the confines of your flammable garments.


 – O.D. ©2018


Art by:  ryky







A Date With You, Dear Reader (Part 3)


A Date With You, Dear Reader (Part 1)

A Date With You, Dear Reader (Part 2)

A Date With You, Dear Reader (Final)

It gets more and more personal with content and delivery in this series. If I’m to do anything right in 2018, it’s to be as open as possible; when possible. No better person to start that trend with, than you. 




Seething, she voiced her disagreement

With the entirety, of my character

“You don’t show any emotion; any pain”

It’s more to do with being vulnerable I’d say;

Comfortable, she is, with knowledge of her

Partner’s state of mind.


Nothing wrong with that,

I’m just an island, wishing to merge with yours

Albeit with a puddle separating us

I don’t need you, nor do you need me, to be you.


So, what does she deem 

As the best way to better understand me?

Other than willingly poking at me,

With that molten iron rod,

I may be over-thinking things but…

That would naturally cause pain, right?


I haven’t been in love for so long,

“Perhaps that’s how you’re now meant to show it”, I thought,

Inflicting pain to better gauge your lover’s functions

“You don’t show any emotion; any pain” her words echoed,

Learning it was deliberate seared the actual damage;

The way I see the world is rather simple,

Hard to look at someone the same way

When they would willingly do to you

What you would never dream of doing to them.


That thing I said about a puddle separating us,

You’d best believe I re-assessed and raised anchor

With people like that, I leave no puddle 

I instead make room

For the placement of an entire ocean.


– O.D. ©2018


Art by: ryky



A Date With You, Dear Reader (Part 2)


A Date With You, Dear Reader (Part 1)

A Date With You, Dear Reader (Part 3)

A Date With You, Dear Reader (Final)




You catch me off guard

As I write with Earth revolving

On my ballpoint, affixed on that axis

Better illustrated as “the rest of my pen”.


The look on your face I fail to distinguish

And that’s what I love, you are that veritable –

Closely associated to – unsolvable puzzle –

I wish to – but never want to solve.


I tend to talk too much in a bid to be transparent

Perhaps I should let you speak this time around






You know, I find it fascinating how we met,

A match that goes beyond the usual swipe to the right;

I may be many things, but trust me when I say

I value loyalty and honesty above all else.


Which is why when it comes to you,

I give everything I have, for being here

Even when you have better things to do

Touches my heart, yes, contrary to popular belief

I have one too ❤


– O.D. ©2018


Art by: ryky



A Date With You, Dear Reader (Part 1)


A Date With You, Dear Reader (Part 2)

A Date With You, Dear Reader (Part 3)

A Date With You, Dear Reader (Final)




They say when you turn on the light

Darkness subsides

So, given my outlook

Would the rising sun

Or flipping the switch,

Leave my form In a state of fictitiousness?


Aforementioned verse exhibits

A layered set of words with underlying connotations

Eternal conflict between dark and light, black and white

Relaying the same concept in a different context,

My race; humour denoting how comfortable I am

In my own skin.


Poet by terrestrial definition

Aware of the many strings tugged to bring about

Motions intent on furthering human condition,


She said I have horns on my head,

I don’t dispute what she chose to see in me

Consider this: of the many facets, that bind my being,

She subconsciously resonated with what she knows she is.


Too much, too soon?

Regardless, I’m glad you could make time,

Listening to the textile approach of the Star-Seed,

Perhaps we’ll have another date

Where I delve even deeper

Into the Lonsdaleite that holds my burning spirit.


– O.D. ©2018


Art by:  ryky











I dare you to show me

What you think I won’t like about you,

Be surprised

When the idealist in me twists it

Into a fantasy

That best suits me,

And you.


– O.D. ©2018



When I need

Your definition of me,

I’ll give it to you.


– O.D. ©2017


Art by:  ryky



How you love hearing me

Speak words

Does not compare

To my ceaseless zeal

In anticipation of you receiving them.


– O.D. ©2017


Art by:  ryky



Prior to this, I was a funambulist

Walking a fine line between dark and light

Now, I can confidently say

I play jump rope with the threshold

That binds night and day.


– O.D. ©2017


Art by:  ryky