The allergic to E Challenge.



One of my best-friends Neha from the blog Forgotten Meadows invited me to participate in this absolutely challenging challenge (couldn’t resist that redundancy 😀 ). She’s one of the first people I met at the beginning of my blogging/poetic journey and has always been supportive, In turn I’d like to thank her for nominating me. If you haven’t visited her blog yet please do, as she offers very inspiring poetry; serene and calming in nature. (Here is a link to her attempt at the challenge The Link )

(Fun fact: She’s the reason I got interested in writing micro-poetry…*audience gasps*….I know right?) Thanks again Neha!


Before we start the No-saying-the-letter-after-D-or-before-F challenge, here are the Rules…


The rules:

  1. Write a whole paragraph.
  2. Without any word containing the letter “e”.
  3. By reading this you are already signed up.
  4. Challenge at least five bloggers to do the challenge.


The following  is my response:


Flying past all that is known, and is not, with no boundary, a wind. Kissing all that you know, with warmth, giving light, a gold shiny thing, Its a sun, right? At night, what many call a moon… In colour, I can say, It is bright and in contrast of black. All this, works constantly, with no pit-stop, no complaints. As individuals, living in a world full of much inspiration, having no doubts, should stay a norm.




For this challenge my nominees are:

Brett Fish




John White


Apologies If you’ve already been nominated before, otherwise If you haven’t, I hope you accept. Looking forward to reading your posts!








Patience is elastic

Until intentionally tested,

The longer the sentence

The longer the thought process,

No matter the time

No matter the place,

Thought conveyance is unlimited

Until Ink runs out.






Meeting a new world constituent

Still brings the same giddy feeling

A feeling invisible to the naked eye.

And then another familiarity arises

Skepticism, from supposition one,

A natural constant

That can-not be undone.


With my sharp memory as a wing-man

I chisel decisions with intelligence

Gathered from past experiences

Sculpting my next move.

“Do I trust this person?”

I ask, pressuring myself

As if the answer

To that recurring question

Is necessitated to oxygen levels.


Looking at the person, I slowly dissect

What I can

Coming and going in their presence

So much so,

Like the Doppler Effect.

Trying my best

Not to place them, on that vacant pedestal

Fighting that ever-surfacing naivety

Dining with Reality,

Instead of my far-fetched fantasies.



The Vanguard Division

Shining like a well-lit brazier
Flames waving in the dark
Hard to imagine something crazier
Than a lighthouse with feet
Stationed in a sea of doubts
One of the many beacons
Fighting to keep the heat.

Ambitious enough
To be God’s archer
Shooting at the stars
No terrain too rough
No challenge deemed hard
When the almighty
Is on your side.


Alphabet Soup.

Reverberated reasoning
With ceaseless seasoning
Of mentally cooked pieces
In an effort
To perfect.


A Snare For The Poetic

The ideas I hunt for
The original ones
Come from a quiet place,
The only rhythm and beat
My heart’s pace.

A touch from nature
Or a medley of emotions
Provide the necessary inspiration,
The only common factor
Like the “b” in subtle.



I have everything backwards
I just expect too much from people
If I could, I would
Do everything differently,
Im just too naive
I’m the one who’s wrong
I’ll be the exception
To societies expectations,
Maybe, just maybe …


Nature’s Embrace.

Spread your arms
Embrace the breeze
As the prickly grass
Tickles your feet.



I’ve lost count, of how many times
I’ve wanted to succumb
To that anger.
A few minutes, to let it all out
No doubt,
It would be gratifying
Emotionally satisfying
But …right after
I would feel It, regret,
Of an individual highly prone
To a super-hero complex,
So I do what I always do
Shrug off the insensitive
Or laugh
At the mediocre attempts
If they catch me on a good day
I hand out gold stars.


Red Flags.

How many wires

Did I have to trip

To finally admit

That it was a red flag parade?


Answer: too many,

Base instinct is underestimated

Next time

I’ll listen.



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