In The Night.

His touch

Lit up

Her face

In the night,

Like a bright red

Neon light.




Don’t you see,

That you need

Not hide

your body’s scars

Any longer?


All I wish

To see

And touch,

Is your heart.


– Original-Dante ©2015

CLOUDs (part 3)



Clear blue skies, reflective of my melancholy

Rid of clouds, nature’s highly advertised candy floss

Which either rained down, or got blown away

To a different location,

Much like the memories they carry.

The cloud’s, shapes and forms

Now a distant memory

Not much lasts forever

Learnt that the hard way.

Getting slowed down, by the thought,

Is a valid option

That I’m not willing to take,

Time stops for no-one


Of how this story ends

Hope for an even brighter day

Still encompasses a larger portion

Of this poet’s mind.


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Paced Affection.




Space …

… Back-space





I Like You.




Soothing Articulation.

Her voice echoed in my ears,

For what seemed like forever

A passing stranger, uttering a single

Yet subtle word,


As we bumped

On a crowded sidewalk.



Yet I was the one not looking

Where I was going?

In awe

Of such selflessness.


Her face, I did not see

But her voice,

Ah….her voice

Such divine articulation,

Pushing my imagination to its limits

Hurriedly placing possible facial features

To go with such a soothing voice.


Its possible, that I was off the mark,

That I gave her a face

Far beyond its actuality,

But what if  …


What if  it was  the face I pictured

To the very last detail,

What if  It surpassed

My imagination

By a mile,

What if  …

I just let the one,

Walk away …






CLOUDs (part 2)

The love blossoms for yet another day like a flower in its early revelation; with a field covered by red roses of passion and an abundance of green; a symbolic renewal of energy that will last a life time. The sun encompasses the entire valley and goes through the venetian blinds with a soothing warm light, an illumination that does not only resemble hope, but an everlasting beacon and reminder of the sensation within me every time you are close. A small breeze that brings a strong calm within me every time I recall us staring out into the distance. The photographic memory of the minute details on the landscape embedded with the different shades of colour, seamless artistry. Looking at the clouds and envisioning different shapes and forms that we brought to life.

I look at our foot-prints situated in places untrodden, simple markings that show how many adventures we had. Holding your hand and feeling the steady pace of your pulse against mine as we walk to our desired location. An unintentional yet beautiful collaboration of our hearts pulsating in a rhythm like calisthenics. Looking into your eyes and seeing a reflection of a face that no longer needs a mask of deceptive joy. There is no doubt that everything is headed in a positive direction, it’s a current of water that is leading to only one thing, happiness.


-Dante                                                                                                                                                                 CLOUDs part 1


(Originally posted June 13, 2013)

The one who will change your world, everyone waits for such a person. It’s the one who willspark a particular side in you and change your perspective on love entirely. Where they are, and what they’re doing is an unknown, but as days go by, you draw ever closer. The relationship will not be perfect because of the persons’ stunning good looks, it will in fact be who they are and what they do that brings the best out of you. It is the one who, unlike the rest of the horde, will not be an additional statistic to your list of lingering problems, but a solution to all of them. Their love will be so strong and warm, it will feel as if they have a physical manifestation of their feelings towards you. Whenever they are in close proximity, you will feel like you’re in a safe haven. It is that one person who will understand you like no other human could. The one who will not tolerate you, but love you unconditionally. That one person who has the ability to increase synergy in a relationship regardless of an argument. It is the one who will give you a reason to smile after a long and hard day, a happiness donor if you will. It is the one you can’t wait to stand with at the end of the aisle. Such a person is undoubtedly hard to find, but eliminating the possibility is tantamount to giving up. People who believe in finding such a person are considered wishful thinkers by a larger fraction of the populace. Indeed, they might be, however it seems notably better to be on the team that still believes in true love and fairy tales than the one that settles for the first frog they see in the pond. Patience is a key virtue, no-one ever said the one you’ll ultimately love will have a name tag. The person could be right next to you, or you may not share any geography or landmarks at the moment, but one thing is for certain, you draw ever closer.   -Dante                                                                                                                                                 CLOUDs part 2

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