The Platform (Part 2)

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The Platform (Part 1)

At what cost

Did the angelic voice surface?

Sieve the countless hours

Of studio presence and pitch perfection,

And all that remains,

Is solitude.

Friends, lover, all vacant

On board her vessel of success;

She would always ask herself

If it was all worth it,

Leaving a part of herself

To become someone else.


Her music unveiling

An untold yet cryptic story

Of those she left and still loves;

Hoping it gave them consolation.

– Original-Dante ©2016

Art by: tomatomatomato

The Platform (Part 1)

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And when you’d listen

To her voice escape as

Her lips parted

Dosing souls through vocals

That would hit the core

Like a defibrillator

Resuscitating minds,

Reminding you of a time

When you’ve never

Felt more alive.

– Original-Dante ©2016

Art by: tomatomatomato

Daily Prompt: Sing

Our Africa.

Painting by cyzeal.


Proud of the supposed “color”

That they claim I exhibit,

A regular tattoo parlor

That they provide

Etching their perceptions

On my skin

And its particular pigment.

Notice unwary stares,

As you enter restaurants

Unsettled in their chairs,

Am I supposed to be afraid?

Or somewhat intimidated?

The very thought process

Is nothing more than out-dated.

Best to speak up

A little more exertion

In your racist remarks,

Not really geared

To be a mind reader,

Reckless in my approach

Hardly afraid of people’s thoughts.

Self-aware of my position,

Unhinged from social constructs,

The patronizing, the analyzing,

Made from many pieces and parts

That do not, and will not

Have a place in society’s

Endless supply

Of cultural hierarchies.

Fellow brothers and sisters

The scramble for Africa

And mention of Slavery

Should halt, unforgivable,

As they may be

Are not our niche,


Gracefully provided leash

On our identity

And who we truly are.

I will not be defined by the past

Just like it sounds

Its already passed,

That was the first chapter

I’m not moving backwards

My story is only destined

To move forward.

– Original-Dante

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