Lock Your Doors — Cross The Road. I Won’t Judge.

People define racism in a number of ways. It can be more overt, with racial slurs or ethnocentrism that borders on neo-fascist ideals. Or it can be covert through value judgements based entirely on ethnicity (racial prejudice) and divisive rhetoric.

As fun as it is to talk about all these things; today I’ll be taking a completely different direction.

There are some actions people take that can easily be interpreted as “racism”, and we can sit here and debate them all day. So to avoid poisoning my analysis (by approaching this from a holistic perspective) I will base it entirely on my own experience and interpretations. If you share some of my views (or don’t) let’s talk about it in the comment section.

It’s also important to note that I live in a foreign country and I’m the only black person in my community. Sometimes I forget it until I’m reminded.

This puts me in a unique position to share my personal insights and conclusions.


I’ve been in a situation where I’m walking home, and someone (usually a lady) is walking in my direction, sees me, and decides to cross the road. I’ve heard some people who’ve gone through a similar scenario conclude it as racism or fear built entirely on prejudice.  (i.e Black = Rap + Basketball + Drugs + Hood mentality + Chicken + Gun)

These are all interesting theories, but until proven, they’ll stay that way, as theories. I can’t, for certain, say why this has happened to me 2-4 times. But it can be the result of numerous reasons. Maybe where they (the person crossing) need to go is across the road and has nothing to do with me. Maybe they want to avoid how awkward it would be to cross paths with someone when there’s plenty of space across the road. We could theorize about this for hours.

What I know for certain is, they are justified, for whatever reason — to do whatever they want — as long as it doesn’t inconvenience me. Sometimes people take actions based on culture or past trauma that we might not be aware of. Not everything that happens around us has to do with us. So yes, please cross the road; bunny-hop there if you want to as well. 

“Maybe they cross the road because you’re Black. And Ugly”

You mean ugly to her, right? Because no way I’m “objectively” ugly lol have you seen my face? I would describe it as many things, but “ugly” definitely isn’t one of them.

Ask my girl Shay; she’ll tell you 😉


I remember one day I was walking home from work (late afternoon). There was a car parked by the sidewalk I usually use. I was busy on my phone, minding my own business when I heard the car doors lock — just as I passed (the car).

Now, look, I’m not saying they locked their doors because of me lol but it wouldn’t be far-fetched to tally that as a possibility. Considering the fact that they had been parked in that same spot for well over a minute and then decided to lock their doors as I was passing by lol (not before — not after)

Some would go as far as calling that racism,  because the driver’s actions imply they think I’ll car-jack them. Maybe. Again, there’s no way to know for certain. There’s enough evidence to build a theory/argument but no solid foundation to confidently stamp a judgment.

Perhaps they always lock their doors, and by seeing me — the only pedestrian at the time –they were reminded to lock their doors.

Perhaps their doors were already locked, and the sound I heard was them unlocking — I can’t identify the difference personally.

As I said before, there are too many interpretations and possibilities to consider for me to confidently commit to one. (racial prejudice is still one of those possibilities)

But you wanna know what I say to all this?

“Go ahead and lock your doors, Sir/Madame. Lock them tight. Double-check if you have to”

If you see a person (from your race or a different one) walking whilst you’re alone in your car and you feel threatened? Please lock your doors, you have nothing to prove by keeping them open. I and many others won’t think of you as racist or weak. Because who knows, had the roles been reversed, I’d probably lock my doors too once I saw you.

It’s not racism to simply practice basic survival skills in the urban jungle. That’s like walking around dropping 100-dollar bills (Hensel and Gretel style) to help me find my way home and expecting to see each and every one of them on my way back. Also, consider the possibility that I AM  a super black mugging man; then that would make you correct (in that particular instance). Or maybe I’m not. Truth is, no matter what I tell you, only I know myself and I can’t expect you to NOT lock your doors to prove you’re NOT racist to me or yourself.

So yes, lock your doors Sir/Madame.

Word of advice though. If you’re trying to be safe, maybe try not to wait until someone is literally by your car to lock said doors. That’s just being reckless and taking “adventure” to an unnecessarily high level. Had I been a carjacker, your timing would have been sloppy. I would have gotten into your car, and asked you to leave (politely, of course) with a drumstick in one hand and a coke-stained gun in another. I would wear my hood, start playing rap music and talking about my grind in the hood. I would talk about white privilege as the reason for all my misfortune, starting with the stomach-ache I’ll be having as I drive your car away. Not at all to do with my poor hygiene, oh no, everything can be blamed on someone else.

Then you could go home and tell your family that everything those films and news outlets say about black people is correct. 

You don’t need to thank or pay me for giving you this world-shattering advice. It’s free. You can, however, repay me by continuing to lock your doors. You can even leave them open for people that look like you. Just keep watch for the drumstick man with a hoodie and a loaded 9mm. That’s the real danger right there.

Art by: Pegaite


(Spoken Word)

For the best experience use earphones.

– O.D. ©2022

Art by: iamdetour

Ethnocentrism And Other Stupid Things.

I talk about racism a lot. However, in recent months I’ve since slowed down on talking about things that often leave me feeling exhausted. Afterall, my mental health takes the biggest hit.

If you’re an avid reader I believe it’s in your best interest to take breaks between reading my posts. The subject matter is often uncomfortable to binge, and despite that fact, these issues need addressing.

Before I took my break, I was on a streak of unapologetically honest (often abrasive) posts. Since coming back I’ve done my best to enjoy writing for the sake of writing. It’s gone well. But true to form, I feel myself returning to that cynic in me. I seem to oscillate between being a teddy bear and being an actual bear. Entering teddy bear mode when I need a break from the world and it’s endless stream of bullsh*t. 

Consider this a potential warning, This post might go to some dark places. 

Edit: I finished writing it, It’s not as dark as I thought it would end up being. Controversial maybe, but not dark.



As I said before, I talk about racism a lot. There is a tab on my page literally dedicated to black empowerment and all things related to being a black person. People often have a proclivity to assume when I’m talking about racism against blacks I’m automatically referencing white people. No, just racism overall.

If you’re racist you’re not safe from my ridicule. It takes a special kind of ignorance to be a racist. Believe it or not, it’s something you actually have to work hard to nurture. So yes, get offended if you’re racist, you deserve that and more.

Naturally, people often think I’m part of Black History month and the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement. Because I’m black. But I’m most certainly not a fan.

The first is unbridled tokenism. The perfect tool to re-enforce an unspoken divide. If you consider Black History Month at face value you’ll think black people are getting something meaningful, I suppose that’s the intension on a commercial level; to give that impression. And if you believe I’m wrong, that’s great. I just think black history should be a part of American history and not something so isolated and condensed into a small a month lol.

To me. it just comes across as. “Here, have a month to enjoy your contributions to society. Don’t say we never gave you anything” 

But of course, this is just my personal interpretation and doesn’t need to be taken as the truth.

The second: BLM is something I have mixed feelings about. Look, I get it , a number of the injustices faced by the black community in America because of police brutality is staggering. No-one should have to go through that. But the whole movement is now diluted by crazy radicals who are quick to justify racism against whites or push a narrative of blacks being superior.

Any movement has the potential of nurturing rogue cells that misinterpret and misrepresent the initial message (similar to religion). Either through sheer stupidity, hypocrisy, entitlement or a weird blend of all three. 

See, it’s unpopular (as a black person) to call out some of these things because a part of the black community automatically assumes I’m siding with other races. That I’m devaluing the struggles that others have gone through and have fallen for the illusion of racial equality.

Not at all, there is no racial equality, and If given the choice I would always choose to be black.

Try not to take this the wrong way but IDGAF what race you’re from. I care about the human. If you make a habit of putting too much value in our “differences” you’ll enter a never-ending spiral of comparisons. And that breeds hatred and entitlement.

Now you might be wondering why I lead with such a lengthy prelude, it’s to help give context to what I’m about to say. You wouldn’t understand how I came to certain conclusions without it.

I hate racism. That’s obvious.

Despite the semantic overlap there’s one thing I hate more. Ethnocentrism.



This is going to sound like a hit piece, it’s fine if it gets interpreted that way (check out my references at the bottom in case you’re interested). I’m going to use South Africa (SA) as a case study because I’ve been there and it serves as a living diorama for pornographically entrenched racism, classism, tribalism and other likely -isms I’m too lazy to think of right now.

See, majority of black people in SA are what happens when corruption, a lack of education, entitlement and desensitization to violence meet. Yes, apartheid was terrible, but it is often used as a crutch by the majority to validate their barbaric behavior. And you might think me calling their behavior “barbaric” is pushing it, but take a look at the xenophobic attacks from 2009 – 2019, doing your best to exclude the looting taking place at this very moment.

You’ve got bigots, politicians and tribalists (hardly separable in this case) kindling sentiment against minorities/foreigners in the country which fuels more of this xenophobia. It’s a complete joke, radio silence as people are ransacked or murdered. And when those in charge eventually speak, there is a political rhetoric applied that does nothing to speak against or quell the ongoing violence. Which only emboldens the barbarians of the population to loot and kill unabated. 

The only people who benefit from these kinds of situations are those in charge of the country. They’ve got perfect scapegoats (minorities) to demonize when they need a pressure release; the same people who help keep their economy afloat, whatever’s left of it anyway.

I didn’t mean to get too political, I try and avoid that sort of thing… but it’s driving to a point.

The reason I went on a frenzy is to give evidence to those that dine with racial hypocrisy. Often times, when people are called out by people outside their own race they apply emotion and not reasoning — and because that emotion makes them feel uncomfortable, they run for the racism card. Because it’s easier to rationalize it that way instead of identifying whether there is any validity to what’s been claimed.

Well, here I am, a black person calling out other black people. I dare you to call it racism now. 

Are there people from other races that guise their malicious intent using words such as “barbarians” towards black South Africans? Yes.

But does that take away from the validity of what’s being said? No. Majority in SA are angry over the oppression they faced during apartheid — and the wounds are still present. Check out footage of SA looting during the pandemic and tell me how normal that is. 

There is an underlying self-sabotage that seems to stem from lack of knowledge on how social or economic systems work and how such actions impact the country in the long run. No country is without its imperfections — I would know, my country (if you know it) is a breeding ground for corruption and is not much to look at.

But for someone to be blood thirsty, uneducated, ethnocentric and a racial hypocrite is a bad mix.

The culprits won’t listen to reason because they know better. They won’t go legit because their opportunities were taken from them due to apartheid, they see no recovery. They won’t accept foreigners because foreigners steal the aforementioned opportunities they are not qualified to take. They won’t stop a life of crime because they need to make up for not having a job. They won’t stop xenophobic attacks because their anger needs to be channeled somewhere. And in this hotbed of unreasonables they see themselves as completely justified in everything they do.

I just hope people can learn to open their eyes and see things with more clarity and not just lean on emotion. Otherwise none of us are going anywhere.

I liken this to my extensive research on slavery. It sucks reading about that but at the same time it is very insightful. A part of me still gets hurt thinking about that history. I will never forget what happened, however, it would be unreasonable of me to put every white person I meet under that stencil. 

I’ll base my judgements on character, not skin. Because skin color is fundamentally useful for data collection and building a framework; but it doesn’t automatically make someone a good or bad person. If that sounded obvious, you’re clearly smart.

It would not be a stretch to say there are those who would argue against this. Well, to you I say “You know everything. You clearly don’t need anyone’s help”


– O.D. ©2021


Art by: iamdetour



Soni, P. 2014. Tribalism in South Africa compromises democracy, freedom, development and the character of the state. Arabian Journal of Business and Management Review.

Khuluve, M. 2021. Adult illiteracy in South Africa. Department of Higher Education and Learning.

Landau, L, B. 2015. Political rhetoric and institutions fuel xenophobic violence in South Africa. The Washington Post.





Black Fire Depository.

You can call me black — no harm done,

Limitations of language and understanding.

You can even take it to the 70s and go full Rhodesian

Despising and metricizing worldly pigments.


 It’s not your fault for being that stupid — they call it dualism of the mind

And you, my friend, are a slave to one side of that coin

Shackled, to the fickle nature of hauling five senses.

Collared, lovingly, to the physical realm — like a mangy dog neglected by its owner

You are in the late stages of spiritual starvation; married to earthly hallucinations;

I don’t expect you to see past that mirage —

To see how my spirit burns, a blaze untamed

In a reality you’ll never understand.


Diagnosing me as the devil is the first step to misidentifying my presence

Demon possessed? Maybe.

Are you afraid? You shouldn’t be.

I’m beyond such petty schemes

Peddling cheap scares — pandering — placating

Surface level habits that give me nothing.

You’d do well to call this a panoramic view of satori —

I see it all. The collective sequence of events that denote your existence

I was built to be a passive observer of humanity’s choices and lack thereof.

Your life will begin and it will end with the deterministic value of a movie reel

And there I’ll be,

Using this body you hate so much to live through yet another Earth rehearsal;

Living through yet another time where you’ve seized to exist.

Confessions of a star seed:

This body will pass on

But my spirit and vision will continue pursuing what’s beyond;

Maybe as a sick joke next time I’ll possess one of you.


Dear racist, if all of that flew over your head

Do me a favor and at least try to understand this:

“You hating this flesh — this color,

Is not a waste of my time;

It’s a waste of yours”


– O.D. ©2020


Art by: ricardothb


I’m not in the mood to be nice. To be fair, I haven’t been in that mood for a while now.

When the BLM chants gained steam early this year, I refused to write about it here. Felt insincere as there were plenty of people voicing what I already felt. Furthermore, I’m not guided by some ethical imperative that dictates I prove my loyalty as a black person every time there is an injustice. It doesn’t make me more empathetic to be involved. I don’t need to prove myself. Simply look at how many posts I’ve written regarding black injustice (tracing years back) to see what I mean. I was speaking against injustice long before George Floyd’s unfortunate murder. There have been many others who people seem to forget and I fear listing all of them right now would dilute the point I’m trying to make.

Appealing to racists and entertaining their worldview (even as an Empath) is far too much for me. There are bad people to be found in all races, but many people are quick to try and play devil’s advocate before they catch up on their history. I’m talking Tulsa race massacre, the Tuskegee Syphilis study e.t.c .

Honestly? Do that first, then get back to me. 

And before you say that all of these events “took place ages ago” and I should move on”, I in kind, would gladly ask you to go f*ck yourself.


F😈lk Devils


Categorize me however you please

Place me in a space that brings you the most peace

Come dusk, it matters little what I say or do.

I cannot dissuade you,

From entertaining your preconceived notions,

Notions that somehow carry enough sewing material

To blanket how you picture an entire race.


Story of my life: Pegged as a deviant when it’s all but convenient….


Because I can go wherever you go, I undoubtedly have to be dealing drugs right?

Because I bear the colour of the abyss, I am clearly in need of your saving grace right?

Because you feel you’re better than me, I should be thankful for your presence, right?

Because you assume an untapped level of self-importance,

I should let you call me the N-word …

No. Hell no. Get out of here with that garbage.

Consider greasing the shutters that shield your eyes from the truth.


Take a moment and liken that way of thought

To me assuming everyone who disagrees with what I say is part of the Klan.

A notion so ridiculous you would think after hearing it racism would end today.

But it won’t, because no matter how many times you try 

There will always be one more fool in need of convincing.


Whether its yay or nay, It’s okay.

You would sooner shoot me on the street if you intend my voice to go mute.

Because when it comes to this; I will never tire.

As long as there is still a body that proudly carries that colonial mindset

I, in kind, will not be too far behind.

If only to remind them that they cling to oxygen 

That has far outlasted their expiry date.


– O.D. ©2019


Art by: DanteReliford


As always, these poems come from a real place.

I have a thing against anyone who believes they are superior to everyone else in every way. It gets worse when it enters the realm of racism. I have no patience for that, no matter who you are.

Nevermind the subtleties of racism, because I know anyone can be racist without even intending to be (usually through stereotyping). I admit to having been ignorant of stereotyping in the past, but I have worked tirelessly to make it right.

In this piece I am talking to those who hate a particular race just ’cause… you (whoever you are) need to eat a brick.

Remind me to tell you the story behind this piece. It’s a lengthy one.





I struck fear in their hearts

My skin might as well have been

The reflection of the colour you see

When looking down the barrel of a gun.


And perhaps it is …

Chuckling, I soaked it all in

A pleasant change of pace to be honest;

Simply having people afraid

And not believing you to be less than human.


Twisted yet gratifying perceptions of my mind aside,

Choose to keep or relieve yourself

Of the fear you have of me,

And let me show you the many talents

That hide within my form.


The darkness of my vessel is entirely reflective

Of the endless depth encapsulated by the vastness

Of the extra-terrestrial landscape;

Overwhelming yet enticing,

My skin is an Elseworld temptation

Which I urge you to touch at your own risk,

For it might just suck you in.


Full disclaimer:

After that happens

It will not be my responsibility

To bring you back to “reality”.


– O.D. ©2018


Art by: RonAckins
















The Real.


No, you will never understand

What it feels like to walk a mile in my shoes,

So hold your tongue

When you feel the urge to ask me

Whether it’s now okay to use the N-word.


All I have ever known is being a foreigner

I would love to say the stares get a little easier

And at times, it feels like no one can get to you

But when a community singles you out 

For the way you look, you’re bound to get taken off balance

Feeling the unofficial divide between you and them.


Do I need to keep reminding them

That I worked for everything I have?

Maybe give them some proof?

That being black does not entail every solution I see

Lies behind a cocked gun?

And that is where the problem is; approval,

I do not need to explain myself to you or anyone else

Contrary to your sphere of understanding

It is not my life mission for you to make me feel included.


– O.D. ©2018


Art by: Paginacero


Working in a foreign country can indeed have its benefits. On the flip side, however, it is notably much easier to feel like an outsider. I’m in Thailand right now and where I work I’m the only black person, it’s a pretty cool place, and I truly appreciate some of the co-workers I have come to call friends. Here’s the thing though, when I initially started working there my abilities were constantly put into question; most of the higher ups wondered if I was up to the task (they were not really subtle about it).

My line of work needs people with great proficiency in the English language, and it was only when I showed my certificates that they started to take me seriously. Many might think I’m reading too much into this, I would agree if other employees went under such rigorous scrutiny. My friend (from Russia) was surprised when he heard how everyone was questioning my skill; considering how he relies on my help at times. You should have seen their faces when I showed them my qualifications, they could not believe it, their perception shifted entirely. A black person with more skill than his boss, unbelievable.

“People here are afraid of black people because of what they see in the movies” verbatim from a co-worker; she was right. Even my neighbour, really lovely old lady, I used to greet her every morning. I say ‘used to’ because I eventually stopped when I realized that she is actually afraid of me. She is so afraid to the point where, if we are about to cross paths, she walks in the opposite direction to avoid coming into contact with me. At first, I thought I was just being crazy, but when I saw that happen five or so times, in a row, I knew there was something fishy going on.

And these are some of the things I encounter on a daily. I am generally positive, but it’s these lingering issues that take a toll on me, and in all honesty, I have run out of excuses to give others. I do appreciate all the people who see me regardless of my ethnicity, and those are the only people I associate with. Those are the only people I use my time and energy on.

These poems I write about being black, they come from a real place. I’m not asking for sympathy but expressing my thoughts to those that take the time to read what goes on in my mind. It’s not easy being black, but at the same time, I would never choose to be anything else.




Spirit and Soul.


I savour every frame

Of those picture perfect moments

Captured by my all-seeing eyes;

Unbeknownst to nay-sayers

I am not plugged in to the consensus

Instead, my spirit and soul

Find fulfilment at the prospect of my seclusion.


– O.D. ©2018


Photograph by: unknown




It took the intersection of my

Dispersed thought clouds, to combine vapoured yet

Paralleled lanes of understanding,

Into a richer, heavier, condensed form of thought.


It took, experiencing life through different lenses

For me to have a clearer picture of my intended purpose.

I bear stripes they try so hard to look past

Even as I tango at the center 

Of their one dimensional point of focus.


God gifted stripes in whichever shade you choose

Black or white, my enigmatic nature is of your making

Takes a closer look to understand parts of me

I would never dream of spoon feeding to you;

But that would be too much for you wouldn’t it?

Actually working for something, and thus, to you

I bid, Adieu.


Attempts at bridging positive thoughts to those 

That need them, with Reason(s) I can only hope

To remember when my days get darker;

Sad really, how you work so hard to gain my approval 

Even if it means you take the role of being the sole 

Source of toxicity in my social circle.


Uncustomary for a Champion to not take the time

To write for his people, my melanin brothers and sisters

“You are beautiful, let no one tell you otherwise”

And yet, within our ranks lie the uninformed,

Who sell our culture for cheap in a bid to garner cheap pops

To think slavery was a choice is a reality only you

Would bring from the plantation that binds you

In your mind.


A sell out like you could not begin to understand

That which we go through… …but let me stop

And take deep breaths, before I yield

To your wish

Of making this all about you.


– O.D. ©2018


Picture by: NicolasEvariste


Spoke to my father the other day, we were talking about my family totem which my grandparents (on every occasion) never hesitate making mention of. The Zebra.

My father said it was done long ago as a way of signifying clans or tribes (emblems of sorts) to help know who was in our bloodline. Furthermore, most of these totems were associated with character traits. An example he gave me was of those from the Buffalo tribe; how they’re considered to be short-tempered, I found it quite fascinating. 

I absolutely love Zebras (bias from it being my totem maybe) but it goes beyond that, the stripes resonate with me. Not to mention the all-powerful hind kick capable of shattering a crocodile’s jaw (Incredible!)

But I’m gonna stop now before this becomes a Nat Geo special.


Daily Post: Flaunt









You are, who you are

The world does not need

To understand your beauty

For it to make sense.


– O.D. ©2018


Art by: AlexanderIsPortraits



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