I left, because …

Even when the paths in front of us diverged

Going towards numerous possibilities —

Unspoken destinations, that had nothing to do with either of us,

You somehow always found a way to pivot all roads, towards yourself.

Without fail …




– O.D. ©2023

Art by: AaronGriffinArt

People can be sad. People can be depressed.

But I swear, some people love turning it into a sport. What frustrates me is how it’s all catastrophized to elicit a specific reaction. Moreso, how attention is taken away from people that are genuinely suffering. All to focus on these “victims” that can simply do no wrong.

When I’m firm in holding my ground, consolidating my autonomy and someone is offended enough to make themselves a victim as a result. Wanna know what I do? I agree.

“Yes, you are a victim”, I say.

You should see how they react. They don’t like that.

I may have empathy, but not for pretenders. If you villainize me to make yourself feel better you are most certainly a victim. I won’t back-pedal and try to explain why you’re not.

I am the big bad guy and you’re just going to have to get cosy in my shadow.

Some might say I won’t win any allies by behaving this way. 

If the allies are anything like these “victims”. I say good riddance.

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