The Separateness Consideration.

What more does this world want from me?

Whatever I give, never appears to be enough.

The world continues to be unrelenting in its desire

To have every single part of me,

Till I can no longer recognize who I am in the mirror

To bleed into every material or living thing —

As it bleeds into me — like acrylic paint–

At home in the design of unmarked differences.

To be part of the “known” universe.

Simplified, according to the terms of the derivative

Well, I say. “F*ck that.”

I may be subject to the whims of an irrational universe,

Born into it, but I refuse to be complacent — 

Poisoned by the contagion of fear and madness.

If I’m to fail, I will fail as a result of setting my own terms

Not through resting my laurels on the misdiagnoses set

By the unchecked biases of others.

– O.D. ©2023

Art by: vurdeM

“Truth is not what you want it to be, it is what it is and you must bend to its power or live a lie.” Miyamoto Musashi

I like how layered this quote is. The “truth” is in many ways unidentified. I think we can find personal truths and proceed to come in contact with people who have reached similar conclusions (all whilst other people find tribes that share their views e.t.c.)

Some would go as far as defining these “truths” as shared ideologies and it wouldn’t be much of a stretch. Who knows, everything is a subject of this world. I only encourage people to make conscious choices about what they wish to do with their lives and not give the steering wheel to someone else.

What I believe is, whatever happens, I’ll push on. I can’t bend the world into what I want, but I sure as hell can decide how I maneuver through all of it.


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