The Purple Odyssey (2)

The Purple Odyssey (1)


The odyssey continues …

Despite coming to terms with how it might not have

A reality as familiar as symbols on a refrigerator door

They stick to me, easily, forming patterns

Till I converge their divergent nature

Into one concentrated solution — answer, my passion,

Remains untamed with every mention of you

The energy I find in what we have is astounding.

It lay buried — forgotten

I assumed the world wanted little to do with it.

But then you appeared, in all your grace

Encouraging me to re-evaluate my considerations

You are not God, but I see him in your design.

They say when you fall, “Fall cautiously

You can never be sure of people’s motives”


But they haven’t met you.

– O.D. ©2023


5 Replies to “The Purple Odyssey (2)”

    1. Your first sentence is completely valid. I think it’s important to accept that no matter how good a relationship is, challenges will rise. And when those challenges rise, how will both parties deal with the issue. It’s a part of the journey, and not separate. The mistake most people make is a assume a “good relationship” has no resistance lol only in fantasy.

      Thanks for the insight Pooja 🙂

      1. Absolutely. All relationships have ups and downs. The way to stay together is making sure that both of you continue to work on the relationship and grow.

        My pleasure 😊

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