Et Tu, Brute?

It’s innocent until proven guilty

Not innocent until felt guilty.

– O.D. ©2023

Art by: Nexumorphic

I’m quick to correct people who accuse me of anything whilst using their feelings as a premise.

Look, we can all feel something. It’s encouraged and definitely an integral part of the human experience. But to think your “feelings” are the judge, jury and executioner in any matter is simply ridiculous.

In the space of ten minutes, we are liable to feel a complex series of emotions stemming from a variety of sources. It can be the result of unprocessed trauma, sensitivity to triggers or anxiety — and this can all affect our behaviour in the present.

Not everyone knows how to self-regulate. It’s challenging to sit and process hurtful things we may have experienced in our lives. But it has to be done.

What we shouldn’t do is put our pain on others. Turning our inner turmoil into an excuse to behave poorly.

And of course, there are situations where your gut feeling tells you something is off. Instead of immediately sending someone to the guillotine, I would suggest taking that feeling as an opportunity to investigate further. And as you investigate, remember to do the same to yourself.

(I say this because I’m remembering how cheaters often suspect their partner of cheating because they have no way to process their guilt)

Sometimes, the answer isn’t too far off.

“Extraodinary claims require extraordinary evidence” – Sigma

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