Sincerely Yours, Death.

There’s beauty to be found through the crystallized experiences in our shared reality

Because these experiences don’t negotiate with the whimsy of the self-deluded.

There’s beauty, in knowing, for a fact; that everyone eventually learns of death.

That no one has lived long enough

To tell us they haven’t.

– O.D. ©2022

Art by: ArthurHenri

I can’t tolerate liars, especially those who lie to themselves and try to force-feed their delusional realities. Makes me appreciate the undeniable far more; no matter how morbid.

Death is one of those things that we (as humans) can’t deny. We all hit the dirt eventually.

And I think that’s hauntingly beautiful. A masterclass in human design and world-building, God.

Because karma may not get you; you may even sleuth your way out of your own mess — tricking yourself and others into thinking you’re clever.

But death? Good luck.

(Hell of a way to return after being absent for a month lol I swear I mean well)

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