Soul Killing Exercise.

Devalue the sanctity of your soul,

Even as it cries out

And soon enough,

Any acts of compassion

Will come across as weakness,

Or god forbid …

An undue inconvenience.

– O.D. ©2022

Art by: ryky

The God Frequency.

In the darkness of the dreamscape,

The world, as you know it, ceases to exist.

You have forgotten it. You reform it.

Reality begins when you wake —

Opening your eyes — bringing light.

You are God.

– O.D. ©2022

Art by: BLPH

You Can’t Kill Abel Twice.

The more you revel in cruelty and an unwillingness –

– To be accountable for your actions.

The more you forfeit the “ethical imperative”

Of a closing conversation.

– O.D. ©2022

Art by: Rashedjrs

Words are wasted on those that don’t listen. 

The Overton Window.

If you believe in “High-Value Men”

Accept the existence of “High-Value Women”

And the likelihood that you’re neither of them.

– O.D. ©2022

Art by: petomandik

What do I believe in? None of this nonsense. I think this particular brand of rhetoric is damaging (and useless). Basing value judgments on highly subjective estimations encourages people to think they can place value on anyone at any time. It encourages those who are inclined to judge others to have yet another cudgel they use to validate their misinformed opinions.

Think for yourself. Don’t let society tell you where to find what matters and what you should care about.

“Thinking is difficult, therefore let the herd pronounce judgment” – Carl Jung


(Spoken Word)

For the best experience use earphones.

– O.D. ©2022

Art by: iamdetour

Sincerely Yours, Death.

There’s beauty to be found through the crystallized experiences in our shared reality

Because these experiences don’t negotiate with the whimsy of the self-deluded.

There’s beauty, in knowing, for a fact; that everyone eventually learns of death.

That no one has lived long enough

To tell us they haven’t.

– O.D. ©2022

Art by: ArthurHenri

I can’t tolerate liars, especially those who lie to themselves and try to force-feed their delusional realities. Makes me appreciate the undeniable far more; no matter how morbid.

Death is one of those things that we (as humans) can’t deny. We all hit the dirt eventually.

And I think that’s hauntingly beautiful. A masterclass in human design and world-building, God.

Because karma may not get you; you may even sleuth your way out of your own mess — tricking yourself and others into thinking you’re clever.

But death? Good luck.

(Hell of a way to return after being absent for a month lol I swear I mean well)

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