Professional Victims.

The most desirable; the most dominant

The one everyone somehow always misunderstands

Everyone betrays you, even when you’ve done nothing wrong

Don’t they get it? You’re the one with the ideas.

Ideas that can make the world a better place.

If only people would listen.

If only they allowed themselves to be moulded 

If only they forfeited living their own lives …

To witness your divinity.

Then everything would be fine.


– O.D. ©2022


Art by: petomandik


Used to know someone like this. Their behaviour was about as useful as a thorough mopping of the Kalahari.

They were “unstoppable” and “an arbiter of truth” who was “not to be messed with” and a “victim” at the first sign of resistance. 

And not just any resistance; legitimate resistance. The kind that involves the invisible line that exists between you and me. 

I would share the gory details of everything that transpired, but honestly dear reader, we have waaaaaaaaaay better things to talk about lol



6 Replies to “Professional Victims.”

  1. I think we all have known at least one. I know I have… but, yes, better to think (and talk) about something better. There’s only so much energy one can give to such.

    1. You’re right lol I went on a bit of a purging spree these last two years. Been feeling great as a result. I feel like I have so much space in my mind.

      I hope you’ve been well ✨

  2. I have known more than one. Maybe its because I have been alive for a long time. You are right . We should not spend time, energy,or speech on them . None whatsoever. ,

      1. I know that I cannot change someone who’s an adult. A kid maybe but not an adult. So I just avoided them and would not engage in conversation with them.

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