Plush Trigger.

When you pushed me into the darkness, what were you expecting?

For me to quiver how you would if it had been you?

That’s the kind of wishful thinking you find in Y.A. and charity fairs

Unknown to you, I’m familiar with the monsters of the abyss 

I can denote the separateness in their voices, even when they whisper.

Your desire to dominate is infantile compared to what they can do.

But some part of you already knew that.

After all, you’re pushing demons to do your dirty work for you.

Some perspective: You’re a tadpole in a giant pond —

A giant pond, Burrowed deep, on an island,

An island, in the middle of an unmarked ocean

Your enlightenment has a ceiling.

Your value system carries the self-indulgent wisdom of a basement dweller

With a day-old cadaver rotting in an unplugged freezer.

Tell me, exactly, how I was meant to break with you involved?

With you involved, the push was a failure by default.

It’s insulting, to be tormented by a weasel

A weasel, eager to lead but knows little to nothing

Little to nothing about regulating its own thoughts and feelings.

Carrying the ambition to run a country

But having no idea how to run your own home,

The type to shoot me in the head and still miss.

See, when you pushed me, you should have finished the job.

But it’s too late, I’m back,

And right behind me? The monsters you tried to feed me to.

See, I don’t know what fascinates me more

The fact that I was right about you

Or the fact that despite having remarkably low expectations 

I still left feeling disappointed.

– O.D. ©2022

Art by: neo-innov

What can I say, It’s a good day for an exorcism.

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