Inking Heaven.

Don’t be offended when I don’t take your words at face value

I’m wary when told how gifted I am

For some perspective, you could take the Milky Way’s circumference

— Multiply it with the range of my talent,

All to get a rough estimate, of how long it would take,

To connect the dots that exist between the point you were about to make,

And the one you should’ve made.

But you know what, never mind. 

By the time the prior verse begins to connect and make sense

Who I was will be a total stranger to who I’ll be —

A highly experimental artist with a risk – reward ratio

Built to strangle human senses.

A far-reaching synaptic net brings with it

A series of highly unconventional methods:

We could have a party

Champagne, good food, loved ones, fireworks, the works.

Venue: my open palm

Until I close it, If only to evoke

How there’s more than one way to capture a moment.

We could be finding our heaven

But true to form majority focus on greasing their flimsy egos.

So I look for my own beacon, full of peace, love, kindness and joy.

Does that sound like a space you’d be willing to find?

Because I would love to find it with you,

… With you. Not for you. 

– O.D. ©2022

Art by: RHADS

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