Novelty And Solar Tattoos.

Novelty is often concealed by the curtain of will and representation

Our perception is an engine fueled through earthly interpretations

By ourselves, others — by the past, the present, the expected

Red isn’t “red” because it’s red.

Red is “red” because we needed to communicate

With some semblance of validity, across time and space.

So when I talk about exploring the unknown, I mean it.

To be an ensemble of photons shot from the sun

Phasing past leering clouds, towering trees and blanketing leaves

To place my distinct, uninterrupted mark on shade in a bid to kiss Earth

— Is, to me, the closest estimation, of what it means

To lock lips with creativity.

– O.D. ©2022

Art by: AngelGanev

4 Replies to “Novelty And Solar Tattoos.”

  1. Possibly slightly off-topic… but I have an… well let’s call it an on-going dispute… with a friend who doesn’t understand my need to fully clarify and enunciate my words. I say, these words have definition and that definition is agreed upon by all of us so that we may communicate and understand one another. Without the proper definition, there’s no communication, or at least, no communication that is understood by all parties involved. The words were made for the conversation, not the conversation because of the words.

    Update: he still doesn’t see it my way 🤣

    1. Lol! It sounds like one of those cases we discussed earlier this month, about the desire to be “right”.

      He may understand it when he thinks about it in solitude. Takes us all varying degrees of time to understand concepts; and at times, an open mind to openly admit to seeing things inaccurately. That last one, it’s hard on most people.

      I agree with you by the way. Words are the tools.

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