The Soul-Death Interpretation.

I refuse to negotiate with malevolence.

It’s like snorkeling through an oil spill;

Theoretically viable, until a fuse is lit.

At which point:

The Problem” — “What started it” — and “You

All end up in the exact same place …


– O.D. ©2022

Art by: tatasz

Novelty And Solar Tattoos.

Novelty is often concealed by the curtain of will and representation

Our perception is an engine fueled through earthly interpretations

By ourselves, others — by the past, the present, the expected

Red isn’t “red” because it’s red.

Red is “red” because we needed to communicate

With some semblance of validity, across time and space.

So when I talk about exploring the unknown, I mean it.

To be an ensemble of photons shot from the sun

Phasing past leering clouds, towering trees and blanketing leaves

To place my distinct, uninterrupted mark on shade in a bid to kiss Earth

— Is, to me, the closest estimation, of what it means

To lock lips with creativity.

– O.D. ©2022

Art by: AngelGanev

Equity Aversion.

Being intelligent isn’t about

How many people you can leave inside your trail of dust;

It’s about how many people you can bring along with you

Despite the trail of dust.

– O.D. ©2022

Art by: ItsEndy

This micro poem came to me when I was reflecting on the qualities of a good teacher (Note I said “good” not “the best”). We’ve got the obvious ones, such as emotional intelligence and being knowledgeable in your field. But I think it’s equally important to be able to impart that same knowledge effectively.

“Effectively”, in this case, obviously means imparting knowledge with as little mental resistance as possible. Making something complex into something very simple.

When someone asks you something, it’s not your opportunity to show them how much you know because no one ever stroked your ego. It’s instead an opportunity to share ideas and potentially learn from one another. 

You’d be surprised how often people can’t answer simple questions, because it stops being about answering the question, and turns into a live performance.

I’m writing this down because this advice will continue to be useful in my profession, you’re welcome to take it too.

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