Clinical Dating Strategies.

Love died the moment I was told exactly

— Not approximately —

But Exactly, how to show it.

– O.D. ©2022

Art by: snatti89

“But O.D. some people actually appreciate being told what to do, how to do it and when to do it”.

And they should.

I believe in what I would call a Divine Ethos. That there’s a guiding principle in every human being that tugs at them every time they are about to make a bad decision.

Some might say principles that govern people vary with each community or culture. If we’re to take child soldiers for example, how would the divine ethos apply to them when they’ve been raised in a culture that rewards them for killing? To that, I would say the divine ethos still applies because even those child soldiers have a code they have to abide by. Off the top of my head, I would say “Don’t betray your brothers in arms” and “Leave no man behind” seem like reasonable tenets for such a community.

Relax strawman, this example does not mean I support having child soldiers, but it helps emphasize my point.

Love is now incredibly difficult given the standards and systems put in place to facilitate it. I’m not actively looking for love, but I see the challenges faced by those looking to find it. You can’t simply show love anymore, you have to show it in a specific way. And I understand everyone has their preferences. But some of these preferences come across as people ordering a sex doll with specific measurements and moaning capabilities.

You’ve got to have this — you’ve got to have that— you need to be able to do this — you need to be able to do that.

And it goes on and on …

We all have standards. But there’s a difference between screening Joe Goldbergians and strong-arming the world for a robot incapable of individual thought. Call me old fashioned but, I think I find love more fascinating when I trust the other person enough to know what could potentially work and not work. To let that divine ethos work within them and approximate what works for the both of us, because they’re human, just like me.

And if they turn out to be a serial killer, well, at least I’ll die having fun.

5 Replies to “Clinical Dating Strategies.”

    1. It’s like the sanctity of sharing personal experiences with others now has a pseudo-blueprint that makes everything so formulaic — in many ways boring too. It may be a desire for certainty and control that guides people this way.

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