About Overly Opinionated People (w/ Dr. K.W)

I usually take it upon myself to dive right into these topics and share my own experiences, but I think we’ve done this dance too many times. I could also say I’m a little tired of hearing myself speak, which is why I invited Dr. Kno. Witall to share her professional opinion. 

For those that haven’t met Dr. Kno. Witall, you’re in for a treat. I wanted to list all of her achievements but she asked me not to; because she’s so humble.

In the following interview, I asked the good Doctor to share her thoughts on overly opinionated people. And with the little time she had, she offered me great insight.

I will refer to myself as (O.D.) and the good Doctor with her initials (K.W.) in the transcript.

Ready? Go.

O.D. : I see a lot of definitions floating around for what constitutes as being an overly opinionated person. How would you define them?

K.W. : Just gonna go right for the jugular huh… no “hello”, no nothing? I can respect that.

I’ll condense the definition of what it means to be an “overly” opinionated person into five key traits. if you carry ALL five of these, it may be time to clean the closet:

  • You always dominate the conversation.
  • You don’t listen, you wait for your chance to talk.
  • You never change your mind.
  • You jump to conclusions.
  • You know something, about everything.

O.D. : If I may ask, why do overly opinionated people exist? Can’t we, like, replace them how we would a faulty fridge or something?

K.W. : I often find myself asking the same question O.D. .See, at the root of overly opinionated people lies a desire to be validated.

Remember, having an opinion –or many — isn’t inherently a bad thing. It’s when you’re compelled to abrasively share hard stances over a wide range of topics/issues (unprovoked) that you may need to start regulating yourself. Those around you may be quiet, but that doesn’t mean they’re enjoying or even listening to what you have to say.

You often find overly opinionated people hi-jacking conversations.

They use these hi-jacks to share their unsolicited opinions. The roads to most — if not all their opinions — tend to lead back to themselves.

You can find similar parallels in people who “Listen to respond” instead of “Listening to understand”.

Overly opinionated people don’t listen to understand what you have to say; they listen,  waiting for a chance to speak.

O.D. : Is there a point to reasoning or perhaps even arguing with an overly opinionated person?

K.W. : If you’re looking for a time-sink of a hobby, yes. 

Consider looking at it this way:

When strongly opinionated people are ham-fisting (not sharing) their opinion, they talk like they have pressure built up, and the words they say come out forced and rushed.

Their whole demeanor, right out of the gate says “I’m Right”. More often than not, they’re ready to argue to the death whilst holding an irrational premise. They can be very uncomfortable to be around.

Do you know any “overly” opinionated people in your life?

O.D. : None worth mentioning.

K.W. : Because it would be a little sad to orchestrate this entire interview to help justify calling out a single person, now wouldn’t it, O.D.?

O.D. : Wha – Whoa – Hey, easy with the psycho-analyseees Doc!

K.W. : And for your final question?

O.D. : How do we deal with overly opinionated people? Asking for a friend.

K.W. : Set boundaries, Change topics, Ignore or if you’re able Walk Away.

O.D. : Succinct. Almost like we spent the entire afternoon rehearsing this — Thank you for sharing your professional knowledge, Doctor.

K.W. : Thank you for creat — having me.


Wow. What an amazing interview. With a real person.

Dr. Kno. Witall was unfortunately too busy for further questioning. Any other interviews I have with her will have to come out of my wallet.

She gave me this one for free because she’s very nice, and very humble as she once told me. And now I’m telling you again, as I’ve already done before. And as we all know, someone only has to abide by a sequence of prohibitions and virtues for a relative amount of time before we can judge them as having an unfailing morality.

Keep an eye out for my upcoming Onlyfans account, it’s the only way I can think of to raise money for the next interview. Say what you will, but I’m doing my part in raising awareness for important issues. 

Sorry, what? You want Dr. Kno. Witall’s contact information to verify if she’s a real doctor?

Oh, the nerve. Here I am, sharing this information for free, and here you are going out of your way to ask me all these valid questions!

Everyone knows Dr. Kno. Witall is real — very real, okay? AND, a Doctor.  

– O.D. ©2022

Art by: tatasz

7 Replies to “About Overly Opinionated People (w/ Dr. K.W)”

  1. I somewhat recently was discussing “Listen to respond” instead of “Listening to understand” with someone who constantly interrupts and assumes they know what you’re going to say by “finishing sentences”. But like the overly opinionated, it’s almost not worth the time & energy.

    1. Hard agree. Their fragile egos wouldn’t be able to handle critical thinking.

      At the root of it all, overly opinionated people love being “right” not facts. Lol you end up being exhausted try to explain to them 😅

      1. Yes. I don’t mind intelligent debate but being “right” should always include facts.

        I’ve been wrong plenty of times. But I am also intelligent, analytical, and passionate. Discussing “hard” or deep subjects isn’t uncomfortable or unwelcome to me. But we have to meet on the same playing field. Respect, listening, and willingness to be wrong, all need to be present as well.

      2. One of the reasons I love engaging with you in the comment section is that intellectual integrity. Our ideas and thoughts are subject to critique and we are more delighted to be corrected as opposed to offended(at least thats how it comes across to me)

    1. Lol I think the “know-it-alls” assume being called that means they know what they are talking about and everyone else is dumb. When in actuality Know-it-alls are the furthest from situational awareness — arguably to an almost fictional degree

      1. Right. And if you know that you know everything, don’t you know that there is no need to continuously prove that you know it all? Especially to the same people that you think are dumb that know you as a know-it-all.

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