Silence: The Instrumental.

Who you thought they were

Who they thought they were

And who they actually were

— Are all parallels that never merged,


Don’t beat yourself up

They may have fooled you

But their entire life is predicated on fooling themselves


Their heart never changed,

No …

… It was never there.


– O.D. ©2021


Art by: Nuhanotion


Wrote this as a reminder of past experiences.

Of lovers or friends that entered my field of disillusionment — or just scummy people in general. Jeez, there are some seriously broken people out there. 

There is a Russian saying I saw today that compelled me to write this piece, it says “The more quietly you leave, the further you’ll get” it was in reference to making your own way after having to deal with toxic people.

I can relate. Because I never announced to certain people that I’m “disappearing” …I just exited, and when they eventually asked why I gave them answers like “I need time to meditate”. Which is true, they just don’t need to hear that THEY are one of the reasons for me choosing to leave. I tend to find joy in avoiding unnecessary conflicts,

Particularly in cases where I’ve tried reasoning with people before lol you just end up going in circles and hearing sophist conclusions. 

Don’t fret dear reader, some people are simply beyond saving. And besides, these people aren’t our responsibility

(well, unless it’s your professional responsibility) <== I would have ended the prose by saying this — but it just feels like virtue signaling. 

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