For The Coming Darkness.

Of course I love the light.

But I’ve learnt to also appreciate the darkness.

I mean …

How else will I see the stars?


– O.D. ©2021


Art by:  snatti89


I’ve got an update for the Series of Unpopular Opinions later today. I hope you’ll participate; helps the series… it’s also a lot of fun.

……… mostly fun.

7 Replies to “For The Coming Darkness.”

  1. Oh absolutely. It’s the *kind* of darkness that’s the tricky part. I myself, being a night owl type, love the natural darkness, as you say, brings about the ability to see the stars and the auroras. Then there’s the darkness of evil… and while I don’t WANT to see the evil-darkness… it sure does make me appreciate the light so much more.

    1. Also, I’ll add, there’s the darkness of separation and/or loss. Those, too, allow you see appreciate what you have, when you have it. So darkness in and of itself is not a bad thing. It is beauty and peace as well. At what better time can the healing tears be allowed to spill?

      1. I love how you touched on all those forms of darkness; particularly because I was playing off all of those.

        It’s as you said, we don’t have to like evil, but it’s existence fits within the makings of the universe. Removing darkness outright (atleast based on our current existence) would ironically have a negative effect to our psyche. That’s my theory at least. I genuinely believe overcoming obstacles; or the risk of falling or losing something adds a sense of finality to every moment. An appreciation, if you will ❤

    1. That’s the ironic part to all of it. No matter how much we may not like when darkness arrives. It has utility to our overall well-being. Lol the universe is so weird.

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