A Series Of Unpopular Opinions (9)

A series of unpopular opinions. Share a thought, no matter how crazy or critique the ones other people have chosen to share. The point is to have fun provided we all keep an open mind and respect each others views. Healthy debates are welcome, extended discussions even more so.

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I shared five unpopular opinions in the last post. Thank you to those that participated.

Unpopular opinion #1 Hate towards the homeless is one of the biggest problems that goes vastly unnoticed by u/-kiwi-1


 rugby843  “In my opinion, most of these I would say are ridiculous except for the first one. You don’t need to be rude or use disgusting behavior to a homeless person. It might be you some day”

Infinite Living “The treatment of the homeless is totally inappropriate. I didn’t think about it before but I agree with you on number 3 🙂

anne leueen  “The homeless. I was always nervous of homeless people. I didn’t hate them I was just very uncomfortable. Then I read James Bowen’s autobiographical story :”A Streetcat Named Bob.” This is a true story of a recovering addict and a stray street cat and how they save each other. It opened my eyes to what the homeless life is like. Now I often will stop to chat for a moment and see if they would like something to eat.”


Unpopular opinion #5 Women should be allowed to take a sick day on the first day of their period every month, if they need to, without consequences by u/lemonpaloma


Infinite Living “I don’t know if it is required to specify that I am a woman on the first day of period. I would rather simply take a sick leave because I am sick just like any other human feels sick someday and prioritize self-care. I am assuming there are monthly sick leaves allotted in most jobs, I don’t work for anyone”

Thanks to Anne leueen , Infinite Living and rugby843 for participating and sharing their thoughts. Very much appreciated.



As for today’s unpopular opinion(s) We have three. Check them out:

(Note: These opinions are in no way reflective of my personal views or biases; just ones I think will spark interesting dialogue in the comment section) 

Unpopular opinion #1 Being good at math doesn’t make you smarter than other people. It just means you’re good at math. by u/alcoholyuhlater

Society has such a hard-on for STEM but I don’t think it makes someone smarter just because they did well in one of those subjects in school. Like someone being good at writing/art should be looked at the same as someone being good at math/biology/physics etc.

Unpopular opinion #2 Kids aren’t dumb so start treating them like the individual they are by u/Delusionaldally

I work in childcare and it amazes me when I speak to others they look down on kids thinking they can’t understand basic things. For example, I took care of and tutored a now three year old. The mother has weight insecurities so she barely feeds her kid. Only ramen noodles and juice. When the kid is with me I feed her properly, the mom flipped out and told the daughter not to accept food from me in the future. The two year asked why and she said “because you’ll get fat like me” the little girl apparently said “but teacher eats more than you and she’s not fat” and she flipped out on the kid. The kid was genuinely confused so I sat her down and talked to her about how fat is stored, unhealthy eating habits etc. I was still talking to a toddler so I made sure to explain it in terms she would understand.

Another instance my cousins were playing and I heard my female cousin tell her brother that he’s acting gay in a taunting way. I asked if they they what it means. “No, but I know it’s bad”. I explained what gay means to them. I’m from a largely Christian family and afterwards they said, “but gay is not bad”. I did not influence their opinion at all! All I did was explain the actual word and they were able to reach that conclusion themselves. Same with the girl from before, I never bad mouth her mother at all. I just told her how the body stores fat, the benefits of a healthy balanced diet etc.

I talk to children like they’re people. I know they can critically think for themselves given the right information and everyone needs to start doing so. Ask them questions, answer their questions and talk to them like you would any one else.


Unpopular opinion #3 Influencers are bad for society, and they should be stopped. by u/Efren_John

Fuck Influencers.

We don’t need the youth being influenced by these dumbnarcissisticmillennials/GenZ, getting rich and famous, for being stupid, doing bullshit pranks, playing video games all day, and showing their ass & tits for views.

We need to stop awarding these influencers, or giving them a pass. It’s tiny things that can create big impacts.

Young people are dedicating a lot of time watching these types of people. They need to held in check. Held accountable.


– O.D. ©2020

Art by: snatti89

7 Replies to “A Series Of Unpopular Opinions (9)”

  1. 1. Agree. People have their niches. Someone might be really good with tools and fixing/building things, but know little of history and literature. Vice versa for another. We should celebrate all skills and forms of knowledge instead of only the ones that the SAT can judge.
    2. Yes, treat children respectfully. That mom needs to be educated too though before she harms her child with poor nutrition and self-image,
    3. I don’t even understand the influencer thing, maybe because I don’t use Instagram. Are companies really paying minor celebs to put their product in a photo? Who cares!

    1. 1. My maths was terrible!

      2. Its crazy how often people under-estimate how observant children are. They might now know how to identify and deconstruct what they are seeing but they are more than likely to remember.

      3. Lol! “Influencer”. That title doesn’t make any sense to me. But ive noticed the world is full of people looking for someone to follow. Be it a prophet or leader of some kind. Influencers are one such leader for younger generations that may feel like they are “understood” for simply relating to what their favorite influencer does.

      lol thanks for your contribution Paula, really appreciate it.

  2. Agreed, people have individual talents and should use them to their best advantage. Children are just little people and understand more than we know.  Respect that and act accordingly.  Ramen noodles are extremely bad for anyone, easy and cheap yes, but not for a good diet. If you let your child watch or use this type of technology constantly you are doing them a disservice.  Teach by example.

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  3. #1. YES! I was hopeless at Math and a good student in other subjects. Math is a subject you can get 100 % in . History? English? Philosophy? No 100% in those subjects. I worked in the financial markets for many years and people would always say “you must have been good in Math”. HaHA! If they only knew! #2 Kids are unique individuals and I NEVER talked to either of my kids as if they were lacking in intelligence. I also referred to myself as I and not “Mummee ” As in “Mummee wants you to put your toys away now. Mummee is getting dinner for you snookums”. Nope it was “Time to put your toys away now Tom and Annie. Lets get cleared up and ready for dinner.”

  4. 1.For so long Math and speaking good English have been used as a sign of intelligence. In as much as math is important, its becoming irrelevant because everyone has a calculator. Our education system worldwide is now outdated. It was built on who can memorize the most but thats unnecessary now, we have information at the tip of our fingers. Intelligence is more than book smart, it includes so many other things. Whats the point of being good at math if you are not socially intelligent.
    2. Influencer culture is the worst disease that has hit our generation. People are being rewarded for being lazy, stupid and just useless. Since everyone is an influencer now what will our future be like?

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