A Not-So-Thorough Look At 2020.

I hear many people say 2020 sucked, I don’t deny their experience. But If I were given a platform to offer my opinion I’d say 2020 turned out to be one of the best years I’ve had in a while. And not because I got something of material value or that I wasn’t affected by the pandemic. It was a good year (for me) because I got jet fuelled into learning so many things in such a short amount of time.  Also helps that I’m an individualistic introvert.

Lock down was great. I already don’t like hanging out with people because I’m an anti-social “weirdo”; lockdown simply offered me a great excuse not to meet anyone outside a blunt “I don’t feel like it”. Furthermore, being in your house alone for three months tends to give serious clarity. Depending on how you decide to spend your time. 

By the time the clock hit midnight on December 31st my phone was already off because that’s usually the time people who have no reason contacting me try contacting me. Like we’re automatically buddies or something. No, I don’t hold onto grudges — I simply deny ill-intenders a reset. There is no situation where I’ll get so excited I forget that my boundaries were crossed. I will forgive, but never forget. And I realize as a former Christian this goes against a core tenet of that belief.  I just think forgetting means foregoing the lesson I would have learnt — not doing that. 

My New Year was 5 hours earlier than most. So to those  that looked to use New Year festivities as an excuse to rekindle ashes; forgive me for not hot boxing my dopamine for 5 whole hours till your clock caught up.

If you know me well, you know what I think of birthdays and New Years. My methods are by no means the standard I want anyone else to adhere to; they just work for me. I encourage people to do what works for them, and not impose their traditions on others.

Oh, by the way. Check this out:



These are drafts I had planned to release before the 2020 ended but kept re-drafting. Some of them I even  deleted.



I was particularly excited about the DOOM and depression post. If all works out and my research goes well, the post will explore how the game DOOM helped me overcome depression; primarily through it’s music. That’s the long and short of it. As I write this I’m wondering if it’s even worth writing that post since I just broke it all down into one sentence. But I suppose getting deeper into the “why” would be nice. 

Consider this one … is a note to self, jumbled up ideas for different potential posts. Might just delete this; everything in there has been exhausted but it was a good little space for me to save ideas.


Thoughts Like A Theme Park (Part 4) continuation of my first ever spoken word series. You can check out the other parts here. I initially wanted to post it in August but plans changed. I will deliver it soon.


The Dark Side to Authenticity. I look at how being real/your authentic self can bring many unforeseen dangers (Might as well be a magnet for narcissists and manipulative idiots for starters). I’ve done my best to understand why many people pretend to be who they are not. I don’t agree with their methods, but I’m slowly starting to understand why some people do that. One of the biggest cases I’ve seen is trauma. But more on that when I do more research yeah?

I hope you spent your New Year celebrations doing what you love. 


– O.D. ©2021

11 Replies to “A Not-So-Thorough Look At 2020.”

    1. Happy New Year! Just got told we have another lockdown. Different year, same tone lol here’s hoping there’ll be better days for all involved

  1. Cheers! I’m not really an introvert nor is my husband but we had the best Christmas because there was just the two of us. No crochety elders complaining about the Brussel Sprouts or kids wailing from exhaustion and over excitement. No expectations not being met , no promises unfulfilled. It was bliss! We had video chats with our adult children and their other halves and also our grandson who was a happy and jolly little elf. Peace out!

    1. That sounds like an exquisite Christmas Anne! I spent mine at work because Christmas isn’t recognized in Thailand haha 😹

      Happy New Year! To more adventures 🔥

  2. Fortunately I live in an area where even though some places had a “lockdown” we never did. We all kept doing business as usual. Almost no one wears masks. And we have no cases. Funny how that works. Regardless, the “lockdowns” only affected the grocery store supply, but I noticed changes in product availability back in the end of 2019… when we were just starting to hear about Wuhan. But the powers-that-be knew, obviously. Regardless, I am blessed and I kept (and keep) doing my thing…. going to the beach, getting out in nature, watching the snow build up and the stars move across the sky.

    I say, make those posts! We want to read them. At least I know I do. I’m always so glad to see your name show up in my feed.

    1. Lol I told you I’m coming to live there Tara! Honestly, I think I would be content living in a cube with a usb port to plug into when I’m in sleep mode.

      So happy to hear from you, I hope your year is going well so far 🙂

  3. I wanna read fleshed out versions of those snippets! Especially the one on authenticity.

    I brought in the new year doing my taxes myself for the first time. I try to keep it exciting, you know.

    1. Hey, Kelley. Thanks, I’ll try and get to them if I can, appreciate the support 🙂 …I suppose when it comes to things like taxes or anything like it, we owe it to ourselves to try and make something out it; something that benefits us. It’s a great philosophy you have there. I used to be lukewarm about my job until I carried the same approach you have towards taxes. As a teacher I thought to myself “let me teach what I would enjoy being taught” you know 🙂

      So happy to see you here 🙂

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