A Series Of Unpopular Opinions (4)

A series of unpopular opinions. Share a thought, no matter how crazy or critique the ones other people have chosen to share. The point is to have fun provided we all keep an open mind and respect each others views. Healthy debates are welcome, extended discussions even more so.

<< Held every Friday >>




I shared five unpopular opinions in the last post. Thank you to those that participated.


Unpopular opinion #1 Boobs are overrated”  by u/Shadowthelogical


Raw Earth Ink  “I guess it depends from the point of view… if you are one who loves a woman’s curves, then they are beautiful, if you are one who they always seem to get in the way, they are overrated, if you are a nursing child, they are sustenance and comfort”



Unpopular opinion #2 “You should be fired if you talk about church at work”  by [deleted]


Raw Earth Ink  “I don’t think a person should be censored from reasonable discussion, work or otherwise, however, if that discussion is slowing your production, then I do think there’s a time and a place. Doesn’t matter the content (ie: sports, politics, family, food, religion, ANYTHING). After all, you are being paid to actually work, not engage in conversation”



Unpopular opinion #3 “British accents sound stupid”  by [deleted]


thoughtsnlifeblog Maybe let’s pick 3. British accents. Well I am British and my accent is all over the place. Some like some dont. But in the UK , you have the Scottish, Welsh, Irish, and British In Scotland you have a strong Scottish accent and a soft one. I love accents they can be so much fun and enjoyable to listen too. Sometimes hard to understand if english is a secondary language, but I do love others accents from all over the world.

Coming back to my accent , it can be British with a mix of American. And if I spend too much time with someone with another accent I some how speak like that too. But hey ho that is me.. 🙃😉


Raw Earth Ink “this one is ridiculous. “Stupid” is talking about intelligence, an accent is enunciation. They aren’t related”



Unpopular opinion #4 You are not racist if you hate illegal immigrants” by u/Cole-Rex


Raw Earth Ink I’m unclear why anyone would hate immigrants (illegal or legal). I can understand disapproving of the ACT of illegal immigration, but to hate the person? That seems extreme. They are people. People who aren’t follow the laws and rules, but still people. As for the racism part, I don’t think it’s generally racism that people have issue with, again, it’s the part about not following the laws of immigration into the country that others (myself included) take issue with. I believe that mainstream media and the corrupt politicians try to make it racial in order to conquer and divide the people”


Anne leueen “Hating illegal immigrants does make you a racist. Hate is a pretty strong and damning emotion. While some of the may be economic refugees looking for a better job or better life. Many are people who have been persecuted or have frayed at the edges living in an intolerable war zone. I find the plight of refugees and migrants a very sad one. They risk their lives trying to get out of their countries. I live in a rich country and there is room for more people and these immigrants should be put through the process of examining why the entered illegally and if they can find a life in my country and could they get work, learn the language etc. That is what I would like to see”



Unpopular opinion #5 “You can’t be a real adult until you leave your parents house” by [deleted]


Raw Earth Ink “this is a very western world thinking. There are many people groups who continue living in communes or extended households quite happily and successfully. It makes sense to live communally. You share the work, you share the expense, etc. I think the fifties “American Dream” built upon the corruption of the banking system is the real error here. The dream was built to say you aren’t successful unless you have your own house, your own career, your wife and kids and dog. Why? Because banks need a commodity to lend money. Lending money is how they make money. So the commodity is a home. The home is built for 20k but by the end of its life has traded hands so many times over, the bank has made 800k on it. So, this “dream” is pushed off on the people, packaged and sold quite successfully, actually, so that it becomes muddled to where people now assume that if you remain living in your parents or grandparents home, you are worth less (because you ARE “worth less” monetarily to the bank) and therefore you must not be a real adult. See the problem? It’s not true. The basis of the statement is in error. Now, should a person stay living with their family and not contribute? No. Should they be lazy and use others to live? No. Should the parents treat them like a child, making children’s rules for them? No. Done right, they live in harmony, with equal amounts of give and take amongst all members of the family, according to age, ability, and (somewhat) desire”


Thanks to Raw Earth Ink , thoughtsnlifeblog, Ramone andAnne leueen for participating and sharing their thoughts. Without you, this series would not be possible.



As for today’s unpopular opinion(s).

Like last week, I scoured the internet for all the unpopular opinions that were brought forth by people on forums and such. I try and group as many diverse opinions as possible, that way everyone can find something worth commenting on.

I will now only add unpopular opinions that come with added context, that way we can see where the person is coming from and their headspace regarding the opinion they’re sharing. This is to mitigate troll opinions, believe me, there are many of those.

(Note: These opinions are in no way reflective of my personal views or biases; just ones I think will spark interesting dialogue in the comment section):


Unpopular opinion #1 by Ramone

I have a sort of unpopular opinion depending if you are spiritual or not.
I always hated the concept that we as humans came here with some purpose but just forgot. That is like a man running into a burning house to save a person, but as soon as he enters he forgets why he entered. then the door is shut and locked. so he and the person are stuck in the burning house and both are confused and suffering.


Unpopular opinion #2 Porn is a good thing by u/Amir-Iran

Porn is not a bad thing! There are people like me who can’t have a relationship for some parts of their life. But sex is a need, and porn can help them to answer this need!


Unpopular opinion #3 Microwaved leftover pizza is 1000x better than fresh pizza

by u/salted_rock

I have serious problem. When I get pizza I always get extra because I love how it taste after sitting the fridge and being reheated to perfection in a microwave. The cheese is way more melted and bread is so much softer. Papa Murphy’s is the best reheated. Yeah you could use your cast iron skillet to crisp it but why waste you time when you could just have to wait 30 seconds for the best state that pizza will ever be in.


Unpopular opinion #4 Waking up to a nosebleed is the best way to wake up

by u/Matt_The_Slime

Waking up normally is usually a pretty tough task, forcing yourself out of bed groggily and slowly. It’s tough, it’s boring, it’s just not right

Meanwhile, waking up to a nosebleed will immediately get you out of bed to grab a tissue or to the bathroom to avoid constantly swallowing your own blood or bleeding all over the place. Sure you could plug your nose with your hand, but that takes too long. Either way, you’re waking up filled with adrenaline and most likely already out of bed, pushing you forward in your day.


Unpopular opinion #5 It shouldn’t be seen as disrespectful to wear a hat indoors

by u/Highlight_Smooth

that’s it. there’s nothing inherently disrespectful about wearing a hat inside in this day and age. Literally the only reason this rule exists is from medieval times when knights had to remove their helmets to show their face.

I just wanna wear a hat to school because my hair is greasy BUT NOOOO the second i walk in the door someone is yelling at me to take it off. its honestly pointless and makes no sense.




– O.D. ©2020

Art by: snatti89


19 Replies to “A Series Of Unpopular Opinions (4)”

    1. Thank you! I was lucky enough to have other bloggers contribute and share their own thoughts and opinions.

      Speaking of which, do you have any thoughts to share regarding today’s unpopular opinions? 🙂

      1. To be honest, I did think I was interested in responding to at least one of those statements, yet I found myself only enjoying them without any particular thoughts coming to me. I guess I am in that kind of space today 🙂

      2. Ah I see 🙂 Im so happy you got to enjoy reading the post though. Please consider visiting the other bloggers who responded; very talented individuals ❤️.

        And again, thank you for sharing your thoughts. I appreciate it ❤️

  1. Unpopular opinion #2
    I stumbled across porn at too early of a age (before 11). It’s been part of my life since. I don’t think it is about needing sex. I think it is about relief and habit. There are so many men and women who look at porn who are married or dating. To me, porn is like the news: it’s pure entertainment meant to get you off for a short period before moving on. In that sense, porn can be anything that stimulates. Nudity isn’t needed.

    1. I agree with you there. It fulfils a process, and any other perception regarding it comes based on ones own moral interpretations. In some places its taboo, and some places, it isn’t. At the end of the day, it’s best to surround yourself with those you can share porn with lol less prone to judge I believe.

  2. Thanks for including my opinion about illegal immigrants. Oddly enough this week the news here has had a couple of stories about immigrants who are waiting to take their citizenship exams. Seems these have not been moved over to an online format and so hundreds of immigrants are waiting in a limbo of not being Canadian and not being whatever they were before. They cannot sit the exams in person due to Covid. I hope they will have the exams online and then things can move forward. There is no problem in the exam being “open book” so no reason is cannot be online.

    1. Which makes me wonder why they are not online yet. My father used to say that the job of immigration is to make sure entering a particular country is as uncomfortable as possible. That way fewer people enter.

      Perhaps its the case here, I can’t think of a good reason why they wouldn’t do it online other than to discourage more people from trying to move. And I get it, its not because they are inherently evil. Maybe they are simply trying to be careful and sieve out anyone who might not meet the criteria. Border issues are extremely complicated but I do hope anyone separated from their family gets re-united

  3. 1 – I tend to agree with Ramone and I don’t subscribe to that belief. For me, it makes no sense at all. It doesn’t take much to look around and the world and the Cosmos to see there is a Designer. It’s not random. I believe deep down we all KNOW why we are here (in a way) but sometimes we just don’t want to admit it.

    3 – I don’t think I have ever had microwave pizza, as I haven’t ever had a microwave. Whenever I had moved in somewhere there is one, I unplug it and put it in the closet. Therefore… well, I just can’t speak to whether it’s tasty or not. I will agree that COLD pizza the following day is good! 😁

    5 – I tend to agree with this one as well. I have never felt it was disrespectful to wear a hat. Of any kind. Especially in winter when, well at least where I live, it’s cold. Even inside. I’m not sure how or why a hat would be seen as disrespectful. For a man OR a woman. Because I’ve noticed that. It seems okay for women to leave adornment on but not a man?? This makes no sense to me. I’m off to see if I can find out where this thought came from…

    1. Thanks for your contribution Tara. You are currently the highest contributor to this series lol much appreciated. By the way, did you see the mail I sent you?

      1. Okay, okay. I see you. That verse though ❤️

        I’ll get back to it later today. This is shaping up to be something special.

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