A Series Of Unpopular Opinions (3)

A series of unpopular opinions. Share a thought, no matter how crazy or critique the ones other people choose to share. The point is to have fun provided we all keep an open mind and respect each others views. Healthy debates are welcome, extended discussions even more so.


I shared three unpopular opinions in the last post. Thank you to those that responded. I have also added responses made in the first post of this series. Be sure to check all of their blogs (links attached to their names):

(1) Unpopular opinion #1 – We are not happy. We are distracted. The human experience without distractions is fundamentally depressing and full of existential dread unless we tune in to our favorite TV shows or buy a new set of clothes to keep our thoughts occupied.


sjk44  “I agree with opinion #1. It so my life. Just keeping busy to stop yourself falling apart”



(2) Unpopular opinion #1 When you say “I love you” to your partner you shouldn’t expect them to say it back; especially if it’s the first time. People can be entitled to many things, but someone else’s love is not one of them. 


Raw Earth Ink “Okay, so yeah… number one. Totally agree. I don’t like manipulation. This can be a form of it. I should be able to say “I love you” in truthfulness and as my spirit moves me, not as a knee-jerk response. (I compare it to when someone says “hi how are you” and the immediate response is “fine thank you”…. how about some honesty. Do you care about how that person actually is? Are you really fine?)”

Paula Light “Only say ILY if you mean it. I’ve made the mistake of saying it when I didn’t mean it, and predictable results followed 🙁


(2) Unpopular opinion #2 Mushrooms are disgusting. I’ve never found the appeal.


Raw Earth InkMushrooms. Not a huge fan either. I am okay with them sparsely used and only like the little brown ones”

Paula LightI love mushrooms!” 😂


(2) Unpopular opinion #3 It’s stupid how men are somewhat still expected to make the first move. What is this — the 50s?


Raw Earth Ink “I guess it depends on the definition of “first move”. I think anyone can express their feelings first”

Paula Light I’ve made the first move many times and it didn’t work out well. I think men my age may SAY they like it, but they don’t really. Too much cultural brainwashing…”

Thanks to Raw Earth Ink , Paula Light and sjk44 for participating and sharing their thoughts. Much love ❤



As for today’s unpopular opinion(s). I decided to scour the internet (and by ‘internet’ I mean reddit lol) for ones I could find; there are only so many unpopular opinions I can personally dish out before I start reaching. Here are some I found

(Note: These opinions are in no way reflective of my personal views or biases; just ones I think will spark interesting dialogue in the comment section):

Unpopular opinion #1 Boobs are overrated”  by u/Shadowthelogical

Unpopular opinion #2 You should be fired if you talk about church at work”  by [deleted]

Unpopular opinion #3 British accents sound stupid”  by [deleted]

Unpopular opinion #4 You are not racist if you hate illegal immigrants” by u/Cole-Rex

Unpopular opinion #5 You can’t be a real adult until you leave your parents house” by [deleted]

Most of the accounts with the most controversial opinions were [deleted] by the users and I’m assuming it’s because their chats were getting spammed with hate or something. Lol some of those “unpopular opinions” though, damn 😂

What are your thoughts and opinions? Let me know in the comments. I’ll be sure to link your contribution to your blog for all the credit.

See you in the comments(?)

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