A Series Of Unpopular Opinions (1)

I’ve been thinking of starting this series for a couple of days now. The point is to share my own unpopular opinions as well as those that come from others. Hopefully, we can have a lively discussion in the comments as the series gains traction. You are welcome to share your own unpopular opinions on anything in the world and I will feature it in future posts of this series.

Seeing as this is the debut, instead of one unpopular opinion I’m going to share a number of them. They are all open to critique. Let’s all try and keep an open mind and be respectful of other peoples views.

Unpopular opinion #1 – We are not happy. We are distracted. The human experience without distractions is fundamentally depressing and full of existential dread unless we tune in to our favourite TV shows or buy a new set of clothes to keep our thoughts occupied.


Unpopular opinion #2 – Having a brand tag on your clothing makes you a walking advertisement for that company. Status is what you think you gain from showing the brand logo but you are essentially paying for the ‘privilege’ to market their goods for them wherever you go.


Unpopular opinion #3 – Despite how dangerous it is to take a shower during a thunderstorm. I find it to be more immersive and engaging to the senses compared to a shower on a normal day. 


Unpopular opinion #4 – When a baby is born people will tell you how “sweet” or “cute” the baby looks. In truth, most of them don’t really think that but would rather avoid hurting your feelings.


Thoughts? Let me know in the comments. And remember to share your own unpopular opinions. I will share them in future posts of the series with full credit to you, or you can stay anonymous. Your choice.


– O.D. ©2020


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23 Replies to “A Series Of Unpopular Opinions (1)”

  1. Agree with the happiness one. Our culture in the US frowns upon any expression of unhappiness even if it’s totally logical to be unhappy. If you say you are, people will reply with some trite nonsense about “silver linings” or whatever crap. So, we pretend to be happy no matter what. The TV is on to distract us, yep!

    1. People who share platitudes to try and make you feel better always come across to me as insincere and ignorant of whats actually taking place.

      Like that “silver lining” line. Those are words that come from someone on auto-pilot. They hear it from someone else and then they think it’s a one size fits all type of situation lol it really is crap as you said.

  2. I am personally allergic to this thing of a name tag on an article of clothing. I have paid for the darned thing so why should I have to advertise that the bag is made by Michael Kors or the t shirt by Aeropostale???? Annoying!

    1. Yep! Super annoying! It’s like an ongoing transaction till the day you decide to remove that piece of clothing from your wardrobe lol I think of “Supreme” at a time like this.

    1. Lol I wish I had seen this comment sooner (before the scheduled part 2 published). I will make sure to mention you in a future installment ❤ Lol I'm curious with how you agree with taking a shower during a thunderstorm. I usually say this to people and they all think I'm crazy haha!

      1. Have you ever taken a shower IN the rain? As in, it’s raining and you go outside to shower? Because I have. There have been multiple times I have lived off-grid with no running water or electricity. Showering in the rain, thunderstorm or no, is invigorating! I don’t really recommend it lol.

      2. Lol meant taking a shower while its raining but your version of events is infinitely more intriguing. I ought to try that sometime. “The world is your shower” typa thing. That’s a big brain move if I’ve ever heard one.

        Perhaps one day you’ll be willing to share this story?

      3. I knew that’s what you meant… but then I went off on a tangent 🙄

        Oh yeah. When I was married, we were quite unconventional about things. Once bought property in Idaho in the 90s, waayyy up a mountain. No electricity. No water. Lived in a canvas tent all winter (also not recommended). We showered in the rain or went to a (sort of) nearby river to do the laundry and bathe. I was all natural before it was popular LOL so always clean, natural soap and all that because you don’t want to kill the fish or natural flora. Then ohhh five years ago we bought property here in Alaska. Still off-grid of course because that is my preference. Showering in the rain in Alaska SUCKS! Even in summer it’s f-ing cold. Just let the water pour off the tarp onto your head. Not recommended but it gets the job done.

        Then there’s camping… waterfall showers are better than rain, in my opinion, because you can get done a lot faster.

      4. Damn Tara! You’re a complete badass!

        It takes immense guts to live all natural like that and I imagine it gives incredible insight on whats possible when you allow your mind to explore unconventional methods of doing things.

        That shower in Alaska though!!! That’s next level. You strike me as a super individualist. I base this on my personal preferences, apologies if I’m wrong. I one day wish to vanish and be in a place noone can find me lol I’m sorta there. But its not enough. I want no one to know where I am as I feel knowing my country of residence is already knowing too much.

        You know, imagining the velocity of a waterfall compared to a measly shower gets me all giddy. Talk about thorough amirite? Feels like one of those moves that’s hard to come back from lol like when you go back to using a conventional shower it feels like you’re showering under a trickling tap

      5. Some say “badass” most say “weird”. The city-life just isn’t for me. People look at me cross-eyed when I say I prefer an outhouse…. and I don’t mean those things that lots of people use. I mean a real outhouse that you build without a door and look out over your land in the fresh air and move it every 1-2 years so that you don’t soil the land unrepairably…

        I’ll tell you what. You can really disappear in Alaska. I’ve met quite a number of people over the years who did just that. They don’t say where they are from, if it’s really their name… and we don’t ask. Alaskans tend to mind our own damn business. It’s easy to live-off grid here. Easy to fall off the grid too. Where I live is way out in the sticks and I get spotty reception and no ability to have internet. I quite like it.

        As for the waterfall… no. Once you’ve done it, there’s really no going back… and yet you have to lol. But the “real” shower is always like… a poor substitution. I think you pictured that perfectly.

      6. Okay, okay – I’m digging the Alaskan vibes major right now. Sounds like my type of community lol I like to believe I’m a hippy through and through and that has landed me in some really weird relationship dynamics. I’m more of a “in the moment” type of guy and most ladies prefer someone who wants to “win” and is super ambitious. Which is okay lol but I generally only do things that give me fulfillment and those things are rarely/if ever material.

        Maybe one day I’ll send you a mail telling you im in the neighborhood lol lord knows I need to just disappear. Are you familiar with that feeling where everyone just feels like a stranger even though they tell you they love you so much?

        You mentioned the reception being spotty, does that affect your wordpress content in any way?

      7. I often feel misunderstood and so, yes, a stranger.

        In terms of reception, I can only use the Internet on my phone or when I’m on my PC I use my phone as a hotspot. I used to have property somewhat nearby in which I basically had to be out of the house(like on the porch) if I wanted to post something but where I live nowadays, I’m fine inside. It doesn’t affect posting but think… well, not dial-up speed but slower than in-the-city speed.

    1. Thank you for sharing. I feel as though I’m in a similar state. Depression comes with its fair share of baggage I guess.

      Would you be okay if I shared your comment in future installments of this series regarding that specific opinion? It’s up to you.

  3. Had no idea you weren’t supposed to take a shower in a thunderstorm, do it all the time and I love it.

    Never considered that wearing brand names is paying for the privellage to market someone else’s company. Such a good point. Now I have more fuel for my anti-brand fire.

  4. I agree with the first one, when there are less to no distractions things can get depressing and unbearable because you are forced to look at everything you were ignoring before.

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