A Series Of Unpopular Opinions (1)

I’ve been thinking of starting this series for a couple of days now. The point is to share my own unpopular opinions as well as those that come from others. Hopefully, we can have a lively discussion in the comments as the series gains traction. You are welcome to share your own unpopular opinions on anything in the world and I will feature it in future posts of this series.

Seeing as this is the debut, instead of one unpopular opinion I’m going to share a number of them. They are all open to critique. Let’s all try and keep an open mind and be respectful of other peoples views.

Unpopular opinion #1 – We are not happy. We are distracted. The human experience without distractions is fundamentally depressing and full of existential dread unless we tune in to our favourite TV shows or buy a new set of clothes to keep our thoughts occupied.


Unpopular opinion #2 – Having a brand tag on your clothing makes you a walking advertisement for that company. Status is what you think you gain from showing the brand logo but you are essentially paying for the ‘privilege’ to market their goods for them wherever you go.


Unpopular opinion #3 – Despite how dangerous it is to take a shower during a thunderstorm. I find it to be more immersive and engaging to the senses compared to a shower on a normal day. 


Unpopular opinion #4 – When a baby is born people will tell you how “sweet” or “cute” the baby looks. In truth, most of them don’t really think that but would rather avoid hurting your feelings.


Thoughts? Let me know in the comments. And remember to share your own unpopular opinions. I will share them in future posts of the series with full credit to you, or you can stay anonymous. Your choice.


– O.D. ©2020


Art by: snatti89


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