Puddle For A Deep Dive.

“So, love is conditional

What did you expect? We are only human”

And that’s the unfortunate part, isn’t it …

– O.D. ©2020

Art by: Erisiar

3 Replies to “Puddle For A Deep Dive.”

    1. I can’t get over the fact that if I want to be in a romantic relationship I need to accept my partner as loving me with expectations. I get why. Most people will take advantage of unconditional love. It’s a little sad thought hat to be in love you also need to set boundaries of some sort. Feels a little like a contract. Don’t know if that makes sense lol

      1. It makes sense to me. I think loving someone does not mean loosing yourself in them. So there must be some boundaries. Whew….I can’t believe I’m saying this first thing in the morning 🙂

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