Mind Reading Error.

Deep down, I like to think of myself as a good person.

So I’ll do you a favor and save you the trouble

Of trying desperately to trace my shadow.

No matter how many times you try and tell me who I am;

You’re wrong.

– O.D. ©2020

Art by: CaringWong

Unpopular opinion: You can never know someone to the core; you don’t even know yourself. So to think you can narrow someone’s personality to your limited perception of them is a little stupid moronic idiotic foolish ridiculous …don’t you think?

But what do I know, I’m just a guy who loves writing.

11 Replies to “Mind Reading Error.”

  1. I agree with the unpopular opinion because it is true.

    I would like to say I know myself. But we can only know ourself if we analyse ourself constantly and correct ourself.

    I have given up on figures others out. I concluded there is no way I will truly know them. Anyway, I got enough on my plate figuring out me…lol! 🥴🤕🙃

    1. Exactly ⭐️ Figuring ourselves out is already a lifetime challenge. To then take on the mantle of figuring everyone else completely is just insane. There are far too many variables.

      It’s a little sad that I even have to write posts like this reminding those who get a little too ambitious.

      Thank you for taking the time to comment. I appreciate it ❤️

  2. Figuring myself out is enough . In my 71 years I have learned a lot about myself and for people I have spent a lot of time with, like my husband of 36 years, I may have a general idea about who he is and what he is like. But the details….no clue. He is his own person. Anyway enough from me. Another thought provoking post O.D.!

  3. There is only categorizing people on how they treat you and how they treat themselves and their spouses and their children, etc. There is no “figuring out”, especially if you only share the most surface level layer of yourself with said person.

    And why wold you want to figure someone out? What is the gain?

    1. I honestly think people who try and figure others out have done little to look within. Afterall, its easier to address other peoples problems if it means ignoring the ones in your own life. It’s truly a shame.

      1. I agree. It perfectly describes the term Karen being thrown around; no way would I meddle in such trivia just because I happened by.

      2. Lol that “Karen” term kills me. It may seem a little sexist but there really are people like that; all entitled and sh*t. People that lack fundamental understanding of human relations.

        I’m related to a “Karen” type. Just to give you an example of how tone deaf she is, the other day we were walking in the city and reached the underground train. I was wearing my mask and asked if she wasn’t worried about not wearing hers.

        She said “I won’t wear one because well, ‘I can’t breathe’ ”. ‘I can’t breathe’ Really? Verbatim of some privileged folks misquoting George Floyd for their own idea of ‘injustice’ 🤷🏾‍♂️

        I know this is a tangent but when you said Karen lol I thought of that story 😅.

      3. Trust me, I get it. I guess I look friendly? or welcoming? because sometimes even random ones will tell me about how they’ve meddled in people’s business! The last lady, in a grocery store line, told me she told a guy that if he stopped smoking, he could save so much money -_-

        In my head during conversations with them, I’m always asking “why is this news?” I’ve never had the privilege to lack such self-awareness and disregard my personal safety. So YOU and I are definitely and always allowed a tangent 🙂

  4. I believe my karma is even my friend. I did some bad things and later in life. I did good things. I believe my friend. All of us have shadows. Could haunt us but if we are wise. We don’t repeat the same mistake twice. Hello O.D. I hope you are doing well.

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