Kindling For A Falling Bridge.

I suppose thinking you would stay stuck in the past

Was a little too much to ask,

You surface to the top of my current thoughts

With the dark and oozy persistence

Of an off-shore oil spill.

— You’re unwanted,

You kill the formation of my ideas often,

Your idea of living comes off to me as foreign

Your understanding of bonding bears the likeness

Of a grassy field at the periphery of erosion.

I won’t hide the bad thoughts I have when I think of you

I hold my values and speak only what I believe to be true

I don’t expect, nor hope, that you’ll hear my words and agree

I only empty my lungs, exorcising your flimsy demon out of me.

The radical would say you’re straddling satanic

You? Hardly.

I’d settle for simply calling you moronic —

— Idiotic, as you preach mindfulness from the comfort of an invisible pulpit

The sole of your shoes bound to the rustic pedestal of a f*cking narcissist.

Don’t tell me about language

If you paid attention you’d know I’ve since had it.

Go ahead, flatter yourself into thinking I wrote this for you.

Please, I dare you. Chug it all down.

Soon after, pay no mind to the sensation of your insides forming lesions,

Tends to happen when you try and digest the sharpness of a wit you can’t fathom.

I write — I breathe, life into each piece

It’s a hard tilt — unfiltered by my loyalty to the path of a creative

No experience of mine is beyond comodifying,

— Liquidating and displaying on a fine sheet of paper.

As such, you and the lint that was our tether

Will be of further use in lining my passion as a writer.

There are no good or bad choices

Only regrets,

When it comes to those — I have many

But the kindling offered by our shared experience

Assures you’ll never reach the worth of being one.

– O.D. ©2020

Art by: Gydw1n

12 Replies to “Kindling For A Falling Bridge.”

  1. I have felt this kind of anger before knowing full well it does no good. Writing about it helps tho. There’s so much narcissism in the world though ugggg it’s hard work keeping the peace.

    1. It really is. And you’re right, writing about it helps. Way better than going through the day lashing out at everyone I would imagine.

      I haven’t had the chance to check out your whole stream. But was intrigued when I saw you planning to play Death by Daylight lol will surely finish it when I get the chance.

      1. It’s a really cool horror game! Yes, I’m grateful I have a means to express myself in a healthy way. And I’m working on putting a schedule together for my Twitch! Gaming is a great stress relief most of the time too! 😊

      2. I think I enjoy watching others play it more than I would playing it myself lol I’ve been doing a lot of Hyperscape lately. Overwatch at times too.

        Gaming just does the thing perfectly.

      3. It’s been a challenging game to learn. I have other games too, this one is just my current obsession! I haven’t had a chance to try the games you’re talking about! But I need to try to buy a new game on my next paycheck! 😊

      4. I love how communicative your live videos are. You are full of many talents 💚 so nice to get to know more about you 🙂

      5. Awe!! Not today unfortunately! I’m putting together a schedule and hopefully that will help! I’m trying to keep in mind the different time zones of my friends! 😊

  2. I think you nailed it here: moving forward in your life, acknowledging what WAS without dwelling there, even if the other person stays stuck in the past. You don’t have to stay there with them.

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